Powder Wash +, $25, ORBIS

Facial cleansing is the most basic yet crucial pillar of any skincare regimen, yet not every face cleanser is equal. The heat and humidity of Singapore’s climate means that clogged pores are a fact of life, and the over-zealous production of sebum and sweat can result in enlarged pores, stubborn blackheads, inflammations and rough, dehydrated skin.

Made up of old keratin and hardened sebum, pore-clogging keratin plugs are difficult to remove using ordinary face cleansers. ORBIS’ Powder Wash + is a foaming cleanser containing two types of enzymes, Protease and Lipase, which break down keratin and sebum without stripping skin of essential moisture. The firm, cushiony foam efficiently captures grime and sebum without irritating the skin, while collagen, royal jelly extract and hyaluronic acid boost skin hydration and firmness. You’ ll emerge with deeply cleansed and nourished skin, and a soft and smooth complexion.

Available at all ORBIS stores and counters. Visit for more information