Balance Sebum Control Essence, $41, Porcelain

Many women find it a must to blot their faces by mid-day, blaming it on over-active sebum glands. If this sounds familiar, then you should know that the solution is not as obvious as it seems. Excess sebum production might often be regarded as the main cause of oily skin, blemishes, blackheads and a rough skin surface. But turning to over-cleansing or mattifying skincare could backfire as they tend to strip skin of the precious moisture and lipids needed to maintain a balanced, healthy complexion.

In fact, a dehydrated complexion can also cause skin to appear shiny as sebum production goes into overdrive. Strike the right balance with Porcelain’s Balance Sebum Control Essence. Composed of 50 percent hyaluronic acid, this fresh serum deeply moisturises the skin, so that sebum production doesn’t over-compensate for surface dryness. Anti-ageing esculin maintains the skin’s collagen and elastin levels for a firm complexion, while anti-bacterial tea tree extract tackles blemishes, regulates sebum excretion and maintains a healthy pH level. The result: A perfectly hydrated and clear complexion that can better resist skin ageing and breakouts.

Available at Porcelain Face Spa, 15 Cantonment Road; Porcelain Aesthetics,
#03-13 Orchard Gateway, Tel: 6227 9692