Digital Memory Liner, $20.50, KATE Tokyo

Liquid eyeliner can be tricky for makeup newbies, and even those who have been using it for years can get frustrated when their perfectly drawn winged line smudges or fades over the course of the day. Enter KATE Tokyo’s ultimate liquid eyeliner—the Digital Memory Liner. Its name affirms the cutting-edge technology that is compressed into this sleek, chic pen.

The Digital Black fluid produces an intensely pigmented yet lustrous line for a dramatic look, while two separate polymers help it to adhere to the skin while repelling sweat, water and sebum. Draw it on with the unique firm, flat brush, which features an ultra-fine tip so that you can effortlessly create thick or thin lines with unparalleled steadiness and precision. And when you do want to remove it at the end of the night, its no-budge formula comes off easily with warm water to minimise tugging at the skin.

Available at selected Fairprice, Sasa and Watsons stores