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Yì Bio-Cellulose Regenerative Face Mask, $200 for a pack of 10 masks (25ml each), Élan Skincare

A lack of moisture in your skin can cause a slew of woes for your face – from sagginess and wrinkles to a dull and uneven complexion. Using a daily moisturiser can greatly help to mitigate the problem. However, sometimes you just need that extra boost to replenish those lost moisture stores. If your complexion has been compromised and you are wondering what to do about dry and sensitive skin, you are in luck – this extremely hydrating mask from Élan Skincare is your saviour to help restore and rebalance your skin’s moisture levels.

Load up on water

Formulated with carefully curated ingredients that encourage moisture retention, Yì Bio-Cellulose Regenerative Face Mask is specially designed by Dr Stephen Chu for daily routine use as well as after care for skin that has undergone post-laser and aesthetic treatments. The aesthetic doctor and founder of The Aesthetics Firm (a Ministry of Health licensed clinic in Singapore), Dr Chu was inspired to create an efficacious post-procedure skincare regimen for his patients.

Each mask contains hydrating (as well as anti-ageing) ingredients to revitalise your complexion. Centella asiatica extract works to restore the skin’s barrier and firm up collagen; codium tomentosum extract’s moisture-retaining properties balances skin’s hydration levels; while soy isoflavones promote collagen production to help improve skin elasticity.

This rejuvenating formula is then infused into the mask fibres that are made of bio-cellulose – a natural fibre extracted from coconut. Bio-cellulose’s strong affinity to water makes it a potent magnet for hydration and the perfect vehicle to deliver the potent serum. This is because each bio-cellulose fibre measures 20 nanometres, which is 1,000 times thinner than human hair. When intertwined, they can retain a significant amount of water, up to 100 times its dry weight.

Nourishment for your complexion

Developed with the humidity of the tropical climate in mind, Élan’s formulas are designed to be lightweight and gentle on the skin. Suitable for all skin types, Yì Bio-Cellulose Regenerative Face Masks are free of synthetic fragrances and colourants, nor do they contain any pore-clogging ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores.

To use, apply the mask onto a clean face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply the extra serum in the packaging onto your neck if you wish.

With the intense hydration from Yì Bio-Cellulose Regenerative Face Mask, your skin will be infused with vital nourishment even as your cells get plumped up for that coveted smooth complexion and radiant glow.

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