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ILASH Eye Lash Conditioning Serum, $65 for 3ml or $90 for 5ml, ILASH

Long and dark eyelashes have been a symbol of feminine beauty for eons. An impressive frame for your eyes, a set of lovely lashes can make your peepers appear bigger and more beautiful. It is no wonder that there is such a large market for lash enhancers such as curlers, extensions and volumising mascara to help create the illusion of volume and length.

Genetically speaking, most Asian women are not naturally endowed with long eyelashes. While you cannot change your family’s genetic makeup, the good news is, you can use a conditioning serum like ILASH Eye Lash Conditioning Serum which is specifically formulated to help nourish and fortify your lashes. 

Instead of simply using cosmetics to cover up, now you can work on making your own lashes look longer, thicker and fuller naturally.

Strengthen and lengthen

Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes also need to be properly cared for. To nurture this oft-neglected part of your eyes, ILASH has created this powerful serum that is chockfull of fortifying ingredients to encourage the development of healthier-looking lashes.

Its formula is infused with nano-peptide complex to help strengthen and enhance each eyelash, while provitamin B5 is known to promote flexibility and durability for better retention. It also contains vitamins C and E which provide vital nutrition while hyaluronic acid—which binds over 1,000 times its weight in water—moisturises for stronger structure and greater shine.

Essential lash care

If you have short, thin or sparse lashes, this conditioning serum is just the boost you need to achieve longer and fuller lashes.

For those who regularly use eyelash extensions, ILASH Eye Lash Conditioning Serum can also strengthen and protect your natural lashes so you don’t risk breakage or causing damage to either the lashes or follicles themselves. As it is oil-free, it will not affect the adhesives used for your extensions.

To use, just apply one swipe per day along your lash line after you have cleansed your face. In just three to six weeks, you may be surprised to see the difference good lash care makes.

With naturally beautiful and thicker lashes, you won’t have to think twice about turning on your feminine charm and batting those lashes with confidence and flair the next time you go on a date.

For more information, visit ilashsg.com.

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