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Secret Cream, $216, su:m37˚

If dryness is causing your complexion to look lacklustre, it may be time to revive its vitality with a good dose of nourishment. After all, poor skin texture that appears dull and feels rough to the touch is a sign that you are not getting enough moisture, one of the main causes for the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

To stave off those dreaded creases, infuse your skin with essential moisture in the form of a highly nourishing face cream like Secret Cream by Korean skincare brand su:m37°. Pulling double duty as a preventive anti-wrinkle formula as well, this must-have moisturising antidote is packed with fermented probiotic ingredients and can help to restore your skin’s health and youthfulness.

The secret lies in fermentation

Developed in su:m37°’s Natural Fermentation Laboratory in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province—officially announced as an “Eco-Clean Area” by the Ministry of Environment of South Korea—the brand has formulated a highly effective skincare range called Secret through innovative research and advanced fermentation science.

One of the key ingredients in Secret Cream is cytosis+ferulic acid, which is created by fermenting the most effective parts of 86 different plants over 365 days. Ferulic acid is then added to the first fermented extracts and allowed to ferment again for increased potency. In combination, they work to enhance your skin’s homeostasis.

As the brand name su:m37° alludes to, fermentation takes place at exactly 37°C, the optimal temperature for fermentation and ripening of elements. Under carefully controlled temperatures, these unblemished natural materials are allowed to ferment over the four seasons of a year.

Meanwhile, another exclusive ingredient, ferm balance is obtained through 100 hours of fermentation using traditional pottery fermentation methods. Packed with moisturising and protective proteins, this probiotic ingredient not only works to reduce inflammation caused by external irritants, but it also strengthens the skin for even greater protection.

Packing in the hydration

Formulated with a gel-trap structure, Secret Cream fully captures each active ingredient and effectively delivers the hydrating formula deep into your skin, filling up the innermost layer with much-needed nourishment. At the same time, it builds up the skin barrier and keeps your skin from drying out by preventing further moisture loss.

Designed to rebalance your skin with fermented probiotic ingredients, Secret Cream’s unique formula is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, making it suitable for even those with sensitive skin. 

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