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Bare Eau de Parfum, $109 for 50ml, Victoria’s Secret

When is a fragrance more than fragrance? When it mould, adapts and creates a scent that truly belongs to you. Victoria’s Secret’s new Bare Eau de Parfum perfectly blends in with your body chemistry, transforming into a fragrance that is unique to you and celebrates you.

This intimate fragrance exudes a quiet confidence that also celebrates individuality and authenticity. The idea is to accentuate everyone’s natural beauty, without masking their individuality and allowing your authentic self to shine through—as it should. As part of their campaign celebrating each woman’s uniqueness, it features visuals of a diverse group of personalities including advocates, herbalists, artists, and creatives, each celebrating their own form of beauty.

Bare necessity

Its first fine fragrance creation in five years, Victoria’s Secret took their time to create this distinctive fragrance that’s unique to everyone who wears it. In a world where people have forsaken the idea of a signature fragrance and taking up a perfume wardrobe to match their mood, Victoria’s Secret has gone back to the basics, stripping down to just the essentials of how fragrance is meant to just smell like you.

Made with up-cycled materials and responsibly sourced ingredients, the fragrance offers full transparency with 100 percent traceability when it comes to their ingredients. This aligns with the values of the the modern women who places sustainability at the forefront of their life, including beauty habits.

The fragrance contains a proprietary bouquet of musks which then blooms into a sparkling freshness scent of Madagascan mandarins before mellowing into a warm enveloping base of Egyptian violet and Australian sandalwood. The Bare Eau de Parfum is also the first fragrance to utilise a new technology Cryptosym, which encrypts the formula of the scent to prevent replication, meaning the Bare Eau de Parfum is truly one-of-a-kind.

Available at all Victoria’s Secret store islandwide (IMM #01-108; #01-01 Mandarin Gallery; VivoCity #01-134/19; Resorts World Sentosa #02-105 ). For more information, visit

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