Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $699, Dyson

It’s no secret the Dyson Supersonic has carved a niche for itself in the panorama of hair care. Both professional hairstylists and beauty enthusiasts have come to recognise its iconic silhouette, testament to its unparalleled performance and design. A pivotal force behind this marvel is the digital V9 motor. Ingeniously nestled within the handle to balance weight distribution, this motor is a testament to what modern engineering can achieve, reaching speeds of up to 110,000 revolutions per minute. This sheer speed drastically cuts down drying time, offering efficiency without compromising hair health.

But speed is just one facet of this gem. The Supersonic’s intelligent heat control functions as a vigilant sentry for hair health. Equipped with a microprocessor, it measures air temperature over 40 times a second, ensuring hair is dried at temperatures that won’t lead to unwanted damage. This continuous regulation of heat not only preserves the natural shine of the hair but also prevents extreme heat spots that can cause harm.

Dyson’s dedication to enhancing the user experience shines through its thoughtful design choices. One major win in this domain is its focus on minimising operational noise. Through rigorous acoustic engineering, they’ve managed to suppress the sound frequency, making it less intrusive to the human ear. This commitment to sound design ensures that morning hair routines don’t disrupt the household’s peace.

Adding to the roster of user-friendly features are the magnetic attachments, which can be swapped in a snap; be it a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator, or the Flyaway smoother, which stands out as a two-in-one attachment to tame flyaways for that fresh-out-of-the-salon look. The magnetised design ensures secure placement, facilitating swift transitions based on styling needs.

Functionality aside, Dyson’s emphasis on ergonomic design is palpable in the Supersonic’s construction. By strategically placing the motor in the handle, they’ve achieved a balanced structure that rests comfortably in the hand, alleviating the strain on the wrist during extended use.

The Supersonic Beauty of Blue Blush

Stepping into the spotlight, the new Blue Blush range takes its place alongside Dyson’s iconic offerings, bringing together an electrifying Ultra Blue juxtaposed with a serene Blush Pink. Finished in ultra-matte, the design isn’t just about catching eyes but also an exploration of colour and material innovation helmed by Dyson’s Colour, Materials and Finishes (CMF) designers and engineers.

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Drawing from Dyson’s iconic palette, the CMF team delved deep into their creativity, engineering new hues, finishes, and combinations. This has paved the way for an evolved and expanded colourway portfolio, ensuring that Dyson remains at the forefront of design aesthetics.

The journey of Dyson in hair care began with the iconic Fuchsia pink. Revisiting its roots, Dyson has now reimagined this signature colour, presenting it as a non-metallic lighter shade. Meanwhile, the Ultra Blue stands as a tribute to the vivid hue of the lapis lazuli semi-precious stone, offering a modern, refreshed look that perfectly contrasts the Blush Pink.

But Why “Blue Blush” For Supersonic?

Dyson Supersonic, known for its fast drying, intelligent heat control, and lightweight design, deserved nothing less than a colourway that matches its unparalleled performance. The new ultra-matte finish, achieved through precision-applied satin paint topcoats, isn’t just a feast for the eyes. It offers users a smooth, soft-touch texture and an enhanced grip, making the hair drying experience even more effortless.

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The “Blue Blush” colourway extends beyond the Supersonic, marking its presence in Dyson’s range. Both the Corrale straightener and the Airwrap multi-styler are now available in this unique limited edition shade.

Dyson Supersonic in the limited edition Blue Blush ($699), is available at dyson.com.sg and Dyson Demo Stores islandwide.

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