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Tense Up, $58 (50mL x 10 bottles), FANCL

Understanding the intricate connection between inner and outer beauty is essential in the world of skincare and wellness. FANCL, a Japanese skincare and health supplement brand that is preservative-free, champions a philosophy that harmoniously melds these aspects. Central to this ethos is keeping collagen levels at a healthy level, which impacts our skin’s texture and radiance.

Collagen: The Cornerstone of Skin Health

Collagen is an indispensable protein that bestows elasticity and resilience to the skin. Predominantly found in the skin’s dermis layer, it makes up 70 percent of it. During our 20s, the body luxuriates in peak collagen levels, but as we age, these levels wane, ushering in signs of ageing such as reduced elasticity, fine lines, and skin laxity.

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To counteract this natural attrition, FANCL’s Tense Up, which is infused with 2,600mg HTC Collagen, helps to replenish lost collagen, thereby rejuvenating its elasticity and buoyancy.

The Science Behind Tense Up

Far from being just another collagen drink, Tense Up embodies decades of meticulous research by FANCL’s R&D team. This dedication culminated in the birth of their proprietary Tri-Peptide Collagen, a unique formulation recognised for its exceptional absorption prowess, leading to its accolade in the form of a Japan patent (No.3802721).

The absorption capability of Tense Up stems from its rich concentration of tri-peptide. This specialised molecular structure, composed of the amino acids Gly-Pro-Hyp, paves the way for rapid and efficient absorption. The diminutive size of these molecules allows for efficient absorption by the body, ensuring the skin reaps the benefits without delay.

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Tense Up’s formula is more than just collagen; it’s a melange of essential nutrients. Enriched with the likes of vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, and Apple Polyphenols, it offers a multifaceted approach to skincare. These ingredients, while promoting collagen regeneration, also extend their antioxidant prowess, essential for maintaining the skin’s vitality and combating early signs of ageing.

Taste Meets Efficacy

Recognising that the efficacy of a health supplement is often reliant on consistent consumption, FANCL has crafted Tense Up to be both potent and appetising. The drink presents a harmonious blend of sweet and sour flavours, ensuring a pleasant experience without any unpalatable aftertaste. Its clean formula, free from preservatives and refined sugars, enhances its suitability for daily consumption.

FANCL is available on iFANCL eShop and the following locations :

  • 313@somerset, #01-19, Tel: 6871 1526
  • Tampines Mall, #01-34, Tel: 68711529
  • Bugis Junction, #02-21, Tel: 6871 1527
  • Westgate #02-23A, Tel: 6871 1528
  • Suntec City, West Wing #01-322, Tel: 6871 1523
  • Isetan Scotts, Shaw House Tel: 6871 1521
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