7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask, $72.80 for a box of seven, Glowfully

The search for quick and effective skincare solutions is an ongoing one. To answer this need, Glowfully presents its 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask. This thoughtfully formulated sheet mask aims to provide a skin-soothing programme over a week, targeting concerns of troubled and sensitive skin.

Photo: Glowfully

The core essence of this mask is its robust formulation, which features powerful brightening actives, working together to combat pigmentation and boost the skin’s inherent luminosity. The inclusion of cucumber and chamomile ensures the mask offers a calming touch; perfect for inflamed, tired skin yearning for a youthful shine.

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Decoding the Power-Packed Ingredients

Each ingredient in Glowfully’s 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask is not only chosen for its individual benefits, but also how they seamlessly complement each other to offer exceptional skin brightening, hydration and anti-ageing properties.

The mask consists of cucumber extract, a hydration powerhouse known for its anti-ageing effects and ability to clarify the skin’s complexion. Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Leaf Extract enriches the mask with soothing properties, making it a boon for irritated skin, and offers natural brightening effects. Aloe vera steps in with its unrivalled skin-healing properties, ensuring deep hydration and promoting skin’s natural healing.

Chamomile extract becomes a key player by countering redness and inflammation, catering especially to those with dry, sensitive skin. Meanwhile, Tranexamic Acid emerges as a champion in lightening dark spots and combating signs of ageing. Niacinamide, an active form of vitamin B3, multitasks by addressing dark spots, balancing oil production, and reinforcing the skin barrier so that skin looks clearer, stronger and more even in tone.

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Adding depth to this formulation is Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice), known for fighting discoloration and soothing sensitive skin. Ceramide 2 mimics natural skin ceramides, ensuring skin remains supple, while Polyglutamic Acid (PGA) stands out for its superior moisture retention, making it ideal for dehydrated skin.

As more individuals gravitate towards skin treatments that don’t compromise the skin’s integrity, Glowfully’s 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask emerges as a beacon of hope and convenience. It goes beyond merely addressing pigmentation – it ensures that the skin remains deeply hydrated and calm, making it an ideal choice for even the most sensitive skin types.

Glowfully 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask ($72.80 for a box of seven) is available at glowfully.com. Glowfully’s Gentle Cream Cleanser is also the winner of this year’s Best Cleanser for Dry Skin.

The selections for the Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore Beauty Awards 2023 represent the culmination of a rigorous 6-week testing process by the BAZAAR team and a panel of industry experts, including aesthetic doctors, makeup artists, and beauty insiders. Results and awards are based on their expertise and collective assessments.

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