Allies Of Skin
1A Overnight Mask, $109 for 50ml, Allies of Skin

I’ll admit to the occasional bout of laziness, when all I want to do is lie down. (Though I have to be clear that laziness here does not include going to bed without removing your makeup, because that’s just gross.) Which is why I’ve also accumulated several sleeping masks in my stash over the years – they’re just so easy to use. And the latest all-nighter I brought home to test is none other than Allies of Skin’s 1A Overnight Mask.

This nutrient-rich formula packs stabilised retinol, a new-generation resveratrol, plus botanical actives that replenish skin with hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids. This means it covers all your skin needs, including repairing, brightening, hydration, even alleviating acne and reducing the appearance of pores. I gave it a go a few nights ago; it was one of those days that never seemed to end and I couldn’t wait to hit the sheets as soon as I got out of the shower. In fact, I smoothed on a generous layer while lying in bed and promptly went to bed, only to wake in the morning to a smoother, radiant and well-rested mien.

Now, the 1A Overnight Mask is firmly placed on my bedside table, so glowing skin is within reach—even if a good night’s rest isn’t!

By Joyce Cheo