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Beauty lovers everywhere have been mastering the perfectly arched eyebrow for years – but a new brow trend is emerging. And it’s from Korea – the birthplace of BB cream, sheet masks, and facial essence.

Meet the boy brow: arch-free, full and more straight than curved, this new eyebrow shape has been appearing on models, bloggers and beautiful faces all over Instagram.

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Although arched brows can have a strong impact by ‘lifting’ the eye line, they’re also easy to get wrong – with the arches too high, or at the wrong point of the brow – or make your face look overly ‘done’.

Straight eyebrows, however, are much more straightforward to master and still offer a groomed, defined look that says ‘luxe but effortless’. The natural looking shape can make brows appear fuller and thicker – and the simplicity of a straight brow means it’s ideal for a casual ‘no make-up’ make-up look.

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If you want to try the ‘boy brow’ trend start by brushing hairs upwards and fill in any gaps with a waxy eyebrow stick (try Benefit Goof Proof, S$42).

When filling in your eyebrows start by drawing a straight-ish line underneath the brow (never on top). It doesn’t have to be dead straight but should gently cancel out any natural arch from the brow.

Finally, use brow gel or eyebrow mascara to lift any downward pointing hairs, especially at the tail of the brow. You can elongate the tail with a fine brow pen like Clinique Fineliner for Brows, S$26, by drawing tiny hair-like lines.

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