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After over a decade of patiently waiting, Chanel has finally released a brand new fragrance altogether. Resident perfumer, Olivier Polge is stepping out of the shadows of his father, Jacque Polge and is fully taking the reigns with his own creation. This is the first step in his own legacy with Chanel and he has decided to start from the very beginning, to the roots of Chanel before she was the iconic Coco. He introduces Gabrielle, the scent of an unabashed, unapologetic woman.

Olivier Polge is inspired by the young, rebellious Chanel who is stripped of all artifice and is, to him, Chanel at her purest form without any facades. Gabrielle, the fragrance, is made with the intention to empower women, lift their self-esteem and give them the strength to accomplish anything they set their minds to. It’s fearlessly feminine and proud of it. To achieve this Olivier formulated his own blend of florals that is not only quintessentially feminine, but also unmistakably Chanel. At the heart of Gabrielle is ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossom, carefully selected from their fields in Grasse and combined with heady tuberose to create an explosion of white florals. The scent opens with energizing mandarin and grapefruit, sweetened with blackcurrant for a touch of youthfulness. It’s also grounded by a milky sandalwood and that creamy tuberose mentioned before. Gabrielle is bright, luminous and full of hope, ambitious and unjaded.

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Photo: Chanel

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The bottle that houses this golden juice is a flacon that deviates from the bottle silhouettes that we are used to with the maison. The bottle, that took them 5 years to design and develop, is a square, thin-walled glass bottle with a marloquette shape. It’s almost masculine at first impressions due to the straight edges, art deco feel and matte stopper. It reflects Gabrielle who was one of the pioneers of masculine silhouettes on a woman. The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine (that is so very Chanel) is the inspiration of Gabrielle the fragrance. Despite her androgynous style at that time, Gabrielle is unashamedly feminine inside. This is reflected in its entirety by Olivier Polge’s creation.

Gabrielle is set to take over Chanel boutiques on 19th August and islandwide at the beginning of September this year.

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By Hanan Haddad