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We’re all used to the sight or news of someone getting fillers in their lips or cheeks to help plump and smooth, but what about in their earlobes?

According to Allure, earlobe fillers are another growing trend within the cosmetic surgery industry as an anti-ageing problem solver. And while it may be shocking, it also kind of makes sense as the face and décolletage aren’t the only areas to show signs of ageing. That’s nature, after all.

As we age, the loss of elasticity and collagen in our skin can cause sagging which makes earlobes droop, wrinkle and harder to hold in earrings.

This has resulted in some women choosing to get a non-surgical procedure called an earlobe rejuvenation – or a ‘Lobe Lift’ – which can restore volume and help to keep earrings in place.

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Dr. Kenneth Beer said in an interview with New Beauty “The collagen of the ear may deteriorate to the point that the earlobe looks flabby and wrinkled.” Adding: “In these patients, I inject fillers to restore a more youthful, less shrivelled lobe.”

“Women who are used to wearing larger earrings or who’ve had significant sun exposure and simply want to have less wrinkled lobes are all good candidates for this procedure,” Beer said.

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK