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In an era where rainbow-colored unicorn makeup and ‘90s trend resurrection have become almost de rigeur, it’s hardly a surprise that glitter has returned from the relative obscurity of music festivals and Halloween costumes. And while we’ve been loving the resurgence of sparkly products (and the slews of new techniques to make wearing them a little more country club than club kid) we’re honestly a little shocked that nobody has thought to combine our favorite shimmering staple with another modern beauty must: the face mask. Until now, that is.

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This morning, skincare mega-brand Glamglow took to Instagram to announce their first big launch for the holiday season, Glittermask. As you might surmise from the name, the debut is, in fact, a face mask packed with a mix of star-shaped and iridescent glitter in a charcoal-colored base that’s bound to inspire space-themed hashtags for months to come.

For anyone who has ever spent the days following a glitter-based look randomly finding fallout all over their clothes, skin, and hair (how did it even get in there?) the idea of slathering down your skin in glitter might sound like a clean-up nightmare, but don’t worry. Unlike the brand’s famous Supermud wash-off mask, the new Glittermask will be a peel-off, which the brand adamantly states performs “(with NO leave behind!)”

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Based on a separate Instagram post, it looks like the mask may in fact be a new version of their Gravitymud firming peel-off mask that became a social media obsession when it first launched, though in a dark inky shade rather than it’s usual metallic silver.

But Glamglow’s not the only beauty brand jumping on the glitter train. In fact, less than 24 hours before the big Glamglow reveal, Too Faced co-founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino sent out his own Instagram video teasing, you guessed it, a glitter face mask!

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While Blandino’s announcement would be noteworthy any time – he frequently gives the brand’s fans sneak peeks at upcoming launches on his social media – this teaser is particularly big news since it would mark the company’s first foray into the skincare world.

There’s no official word yet on when either mask will be hitting shelves (Glamglow’s entry will be appearing at Sephora sometime this holiday season but no precise dates have been announced, while we suspect that Too Faced’s entry won’t turn up until 2018) or whether they’ll be limited edition or part of more permanent collections, there’s no way you’ll be able to miss when these highly covetable beautifiers launch: we guarantee they’ll be all over your feed.

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