Photo: Lancome

The future is now! Science and cosmetics have always gone hand in hand but this time, we can truly thank science for making our foundation woes disappear. Gone are the days where we walk around looking like floating heads, our faces mismatching our bodies and looking like a cakey mess.

Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier Custom Foundation will pave the way for perfect foundation matches every single time. In fact, their custom foundation-mixing machine claims to not only give you your exact shade, but it also boasts to build you the perfect foundation formulation in every respect, from coverage to finish. Lancôme promises that regardless the amount of coverage you choose, the formula will remain lightweight, buildable, oil-free and fragrance free.

Does that sound like music to your ears? It certainly does to ours.

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The process starts with their beauty advisers scanning your skin tone using a machine. Then, it is followed by a consultation where you and the beauty advisers discuss the type of coverage and finish you desire as well as the level of hydration that you require. The higher the level of hydration, the dewier the foundation. After all that is sorted, your ideal measurements are popped into a machine and your perfect foundation cocktail is mixed right in front of your eyes.

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Once mixed, the foundation is applied to your skin to make sure that it is a perfect match. If it’s all good, then the personalized mixture is poured into an elegant white Lancôme foundation bottle that comes with a matching white and gold box. The bottle is, of course, labeled with your name and foundation ID. You can’t get any bougier than that.

Lancome Le Teint Particulier Custom Foundation
Photo: Lancome

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Currently this service if only available in the US at selected Nordstrom outlets, costing USD$80 a bottle. But we have high hopes that this will roll out globally. This might be our first taste of the future of makeup. Who knows? The advancing technology in cosmetics might lead us to customized concealer and powder shades. An overall greater involvement of customers in the making of beauty products. The possibilities are endless!

By Hanan Haddad