Photo: Chanel

As the new face of Chanel, Lily-Rose Depp fronts the new Coco Gloss campaign. Chanel has revamped their line of lip glosses, previously called Chanel Glossimers, by relaunching and renaming their entire line Rouge Coco Gloss. Their aim is to inject some youth back into Chanel beauty, angling it in a fun, playful manner.

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Photo: Chanel

Along with the campaign, they added a new episode to their Chanel Beauty Talks series. In this episode, the Global Creative Makeup Director, Lucia Pica meets Lily-Rose Depp for a little girl’s day in. They chat about all things makeup and Lucia even bestows some tips and tricks to the young, rising model.

The teaser itself is uber adorable with Lucia and Lily doing a rapid-fire beauty quiz (finding out that they have a lot more in common than they think).

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The main video has the two ladies chilling on a studio floor, covered in (of course) Rouge Coco Glosses. Lucia shares her one beauty rule, which is to never stop playing, after which the two went on to play with the plethora of vibrant, juicy colours offered in the Rouge Coco Gloss range. Lily puts on a variety of colours in a slap-dash manner, looking fab in every single one of them as expected. The episode showcases that luxury makeup doesn’t have to be so stiff and serious all the time. It can be playful and fun!

Watch the full episode below:

That’s not all! Chanel released a bonus video where Lucia introduced Lily (and the rest of the world) to the Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coats that she created. These unassuming glosses are different from the regular range as they are made specifically to enhance, deepen or highlight the current lipstick you have on. It comes in three shades and Lucia and lily demos the product in the bonus video below:

What do you think of Chanel’s cute and youthful approach to their beauty campaigns?

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By Hanan Haddad