In case you have been living under a rock, Rihanna recently launched her own makeup line at Sephora stores everywhere called ‘Fenty Beauty’. The reception has been amazing as the line’s motto and backbone is to cater to people of all skin colours, boasting a selection of 40 foundation colours to begin with, so that you’ll be able to find your perfect shade. Rihanna claims that she will be adding more as time went on, emphasizing inclusivity both in terms of makeup products and Fenty Beauty’s marketing message.

With the hustle and bustle of the launch, literally everyone was talking about the makeup line. So much so that it was flooding social media outlets from Twitter and Instagram to countless of videos on YouTube. Perhaps some makeup companies were feeling rather salty that they were being pushed to the wayside.

Make Up For Ever stirred up some drama after posting a flatlay of their HD foundations with the caption “40 shades is nothing new to us”, saying that they have been doing foundation shades in a wide range of colours and undertones since 2015.

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We ? were ? SHOOK!

The comment section went bonkers as fans rushed to defend Rihanna while some commented on how shady this post was, shining a bad light on Make Up For Ever as a brand. There were those who applauded MUFE for standing up and telling the world not to fall for the Fenty hype but there were also those that highlighted that MUFE isn’t cruelty-free and tested on animals.

Just when we thought the shade has been thrown, Rihanna herself, commented on the Instagram post and boy, did she clap back.

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Photo: Instagram

Looks like @badgalriri was shook too. She claims that despite all those shades in MUFE’s HD foundation line, it still made people of colour look ashy. Rihanna isn’t about to let a makeup company shade her without repercussions.

We still can’t believe that two makeup giants went at it, weaves were snatched and claws were out but the dust seemed to have settled. Though perhaps companies will think twice before throwing shade at celebrity endorsed brands because Riri’s fans are still trolling MUFE’s Instagram posts after that one with comments like “still ashy” and “this looks ashy”. Meanwhile, the Fenty Beauty Instagram page emerged unscathed.

Our eyes are peeled for what MUFE and other makeup companies will do next. Talk about drama!

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