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We’ll be honest. When we first heard about microblading, our minds were blown.

Never before had there been a way to transform our long suffering spindly brows that bore the brunt of the overplucked noughties, into a red-carpet worthy, shaped eyebrow that actually looked good.

No more millions of eyebrows pencils and thickening serums, and a far cry from the dodgy permanent eyebrow tattoos of old, microblading was officially a game changer (not to mention a massive time saver).

So when we heard about the latest version of the eyebrow transforming treatment taking LA by storm, we were keen to say the least.

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Pioneered by LA’s go-to brow expert Kristie Streicher (if you haven’t checked out her Instagram for serious browspiration, do it now), aka the woman behind everyone from Lorde and Mandy Moore, to Adele and Gwyneth Paltrow’s perfect brows, microfeathering is the new technique to nab full, feathered brows for good.

So how is it different from microblading?

We’re glad you asked. Microfeathering is a variation of the microblading eyebrow tattoo process but the difference is all in the application technique. Think fluffy, natural looking brows, rather than neat and arched.

Using a seriously light touch and a whole lot of patience, Streicher ensures that her client’s eyebrows are always natural looking.

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One for the feral brow lovers out there (overly defined Insta brows we’re not looking at you), Streicher describes her approach as being a little like eyelashes.

“I love brows that are wild and sprout-y in the front, and a little bit longer on the ends — they just look beautiful,” she told Refinery29. “I’ve always likened it to lashes; the more lashes you have, and the more brow hair you have, the more healthy, young, and refreshed you look.”

Can’t argue with that.

So what’s the actual microfeathering process?

Step 1 – Kristie encourages her clients to throw away the tweezers and grow their brows as much as possible. Every six to eight weeks for six months Kirstie will neaten up any strays and tint your natural brows for you. So no touchy!

Step 2 – Streicher re-evaluates your natural brow to see how she can shape them in the most natural way that doesn’t look like a tattoo.

Step 3 – Now it’s time for the microfeathering. “I just add little, tiny hair strokes, just a few, and it really makes such a difference,” Streicher told Refinery29. “I see a lot of tattoo artists using the same template and brow outline for everyone, which often ends up looking very artificial, but with microfeathering, you’re left with a full-looking brow, rather than a microbladed brow.”

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And our brow envy just started all over again.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK