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Lotions and potions are good and all but it’s all about the application method. Do you just slap on your skincare at the end of the night haphazardly before jumping into bed? It might not be the best way to help the beneficial ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin. You deserve some alone time, rewarding your skin and yourself after facing the day and all its nasty elements.

You can start with a facial mask, or even more. Dior’s Hydra Life range has been revamped, reformulated and re-released with some additions that are perfect to help you unwind and treat your skin. Target specific skin concerns by multi-masking. Add the Pores Away Pink Clay Mask on the T-zone or congested areas, followed by the Extra Plump Smooth Balm Mask on any dry patches. Perhaps you want to banish dull, lacklustre skin with the Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask that doubles as a gentle fruit acid peel for brighter skin.

Aside from the mask, whenever you visit a spa, the skincare that the aestheticians add on to your freshly masked skin is always massaged deep into the skin. Not only does it help relieve tension, these facial exercises also help with anti-aging. Apparently even our faces need to exercise to stay healthy for longer.

Dior shows us their easy Facial Yoga method that you can try at home to maximise the goodness of your skincare routine. Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

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Evidently, facial massage doesn’t have to complicated and can be done at home. Here, BAZAAR’s Senior Beauty Writer, Joyce Cheo, gives the Dior Facial Yoga a go and gives her verdict:

Step 1: WOW! Posture

facial yoga

As Stephanie (Dior Skin Beauty Coach) points out in the clip above, the idea is to give the muscles around your mouth a good stretch. I have to admit it is very funny to watch yourself in a mirror going “Wow!” multiple times but it did make me realise the parts of my face that are sore.

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Step 2: The Plump Up Posture

facial yoga

Another mini exercise to work on the facial muscles on the lower face (which includes the cheeks and jaws and chin), this is basically taking a deep breath and circling air within your mouth. I did about 5 reps for this and perhaps it’s just the deep-breathing but believe it or not, it did provide a good pick-me-up and made me feel a lot more refreshed.

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Step 3: Detox Posture

facial yoga

Lastly, it is recommended to follow through with the Detox Posture. A series of movements to relax and unwind your shoulders, this is a great stretching exercise for anyone who is desk-bound for most of the day. My personal trick is to spritz on some face mist that contains essential oils before this so the essential oils can also work their magic. I’ll use a face mist that contains citrus oils if it’s in the middle of a work day or one that contains lavender if I’m doing it before bed time.

By Hanan Haddad and Joyce Cheo