Jeanne Damas
Photo: Nicolas Poillot

Every city scene has its It Girl: In London, it’s Alexa Chung; in Paris it’s Jeanne Damas. We caught up with the socialite to get the inside scoop on French beauty.

Where did you learn about beauty and get your inspiration from? 

I live in Paris, a city where you have a lot of stylish women, so I learned a lot by observing the women in the street. But my mother was always a big influence, as well; she is always very feminine in high heels and perfectly cut dresses, with perfect makeup but never too much. She taught me never to expose myself to the sun without SPF 50 and never between 12 and 4pm.

Jeanne Damas

Tell me about your makeup routine.

I use M.A.C Brow Gel to bring out my eyebrows, then I curl my eyelashes every morning and apply M.A.C Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Venomous Violet with my fingers -I use it as a lip balm multiple times throughout the day because I hate having bare lips. After that, I’ll apply a different matte red depending on my mood. I apply it generously with my fingers to get a melted, messy look. I also take my YSL Touche Éclat luminizing pen with me. It’s the only thing I put on my skin during the day. I also keep my hand cream with me (Nuxe Honey Dream) because I hate having dry skin. For my eyes, I wear a very thin line of black eyeliner just to lengthen the eye and I almost never wear mascara; I like natural lashes.

Do you change it up at all if you’re going out at night?

My favourite makeup for going out is my prune-coloured lipstick made of a mixture of M.A.C Venemous Violet, Diva, and Viva Glam 3. I apply all 3 of them generously with my fingers and I go outside the lines, then wipe off the excess with a cotton swab.

Jeanne Damas

Who is your beauty icon?

I like the eyeliner and fringe ’60s look, like Anna Karina.


How do you style your hair?

Every morning, I wash my hair with a gentle Klorane shampoo and I put Opalis almond cream on the ends. I always let my hair air-dry so it has a natural shape to it—every single day of the year. While I’m putting on makeup, I keep my damp hair in a low chignon. At the end of the morning, I take out the chignon and it leaves great natural-looking waves in my hair.

Jeanne Damas

What is your beauty routine like when you travel?

I hydrate my skin morning and evening and I drink a lot of water. I always have a darker colour on my lips (mac lip balm) and I curl my eyelashes. I wash my hair everyday with a very sensitive klorane shampoo and let them dry naturally to have a slightly wavy texture.

Who is your hair stylist?

I go to Delphine Courtelle at Studio 34. She knows what I want and has the talent to make the perfect cut with a feeling like I’ve cut the fringe myself.


What’s your favourite spa in Paris?

I like the Spa Velmont at Le Meurice for its massages.

Jeanne Damas

What’s your signature scent?

I don’t wear perfume, but I like the smell of musk and fleur d’orange.

Jeanne Damas