Beautyschool: Bleached hair
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Question: What does a natural brunette who has just gone blonde need to do in the weeks following the change to preserve the color and repair hair from the damaging effects of bleach?

Answer: The start of spring is as good a reason as any to finally go for the blonde color you’ve been contemplating. Here, colorist Aura Friedman shares six rules to follow to stay bright.

1) Switch to weekly shampoo sessions. This is also the time to invest in quality hair care—you can justify the price because you’ll be using so much less. Friedman recommendsb3 Brazilian Bond Builder Color Care Shampoo.

2) Use a mask in place of conditioner every time.

3) Skip rough towel-drying. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel and rubbing it across your scalp, gently pat or blot the excess water from your hair and let it air-dry if you can.

4) Get a silk pillowcaseIt helps to reduce breakage and keeps moisture locked in the hair, “and bright blondes need as much moisture as they can get,” says Friedman.

5) Avoid hair oils and heat protectors with a yellow tint or tone. Hydrating oils are important, but you want to make sure you’re using clear ones, otherwise your strands will turn brassy over time.

6) Run coconut oil through on sunny days. Not only will it subtly scent your hair, the oil also acts as a natural SPF and minimizes chlorine absorption.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US