The Best Face Masks Of All Time
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Face masks have long been seen as a pampering luxury – the skincare step you wait all week for, with the appeal lying more in the self-care realm than actual performance. But recent years have seen brands really raise their masking game, developing highly efficacious, targeted treatments designed with powerful results in mind.

Gone are the days when a face mask was little more than an excuse to lie still for a few precious minutes – in fact, today’s best options are packed with potent ingredients to tackle myriad skin concerns, from premature ageing to dark spots, congestion and even the dulling effects of pollution.

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Of course, a good, consistent daily skincare routine should negate the need for obsessive masking, but today’s best face masks are the perfect emergency remedy for those sporadic issues that will inevitably arise from time to time – think seasonal dryness, monthly blemishes and (now, more than ever) stress-induced flare-ups.

Here, we reveal the masks that have earned a permanent place on our shelves, from iconic classics to new innovations.

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This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR UK.

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