The 20 Prettiest, Most Inspiring Hairstyles For Fall

Bored of summery, beachy waves? We got you covered with the hottest hairstyles that'll keep you cool for fall.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has stepped foot outside this summer that 2018 is the 4th hottest year in all of the Earth’s history (save for, like, the whole dinosaur-fire era). Which is why I’m unbelievably amped for fall—a time of definitively less boob sweat, a surplus of sweaters, and, of course, all of the soft and tumbly braids, waves, and curls that have been hiding in messy buns all summer.

So to get you on my level of excitement—and make you forget about your chafed thighs—I present to you the prettiest, most inspo-worthy hairstyles to start experimenting with today, tomorrow, and every single day until winter comes and forces us all to hide our hair under several layers of scarves and beanies.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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