Nail Art National Day
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There are many ways to get ready for this coming National Day, and getting your nails done in the nation’s signature red and white may just very well be one of them. If you’re still in need of some inspiration, scroll through for some of these nail ideas before your next appointment with your manicurist.

1. Sleek Twist

For an elegant and modern twist, why not incorporate a couple of these sleek black strokes along with red and your natural nail bed as base.

2. Preppy Fun

Gingham is a great pattern of choice that oozes playfulness and preppiness.

3.Subtle Stars

For a subtler take on the national flag, incorporate some outlined stars in white for your nails.

4. Flaming Tips

For something both patriotic and feisty, do a rendition of the flame nail art trend in red and white.

5. Matte Red

This is for all the minimalists out there — try the red out in matte for a twist.

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6. Ombre Fun

An ombre nail base and red stars will make it national day everyday.

7. Scalloped Edge

Instead of painting a red french nail tip, the inside edge is scalloped here for a playful heart pattern.

8. Contemporary French

Here’s yet another contemporary twist to the classic french mani — with red and pink as tip for chic effect,

9. Do The Polka

The quintessential polka dot is impossible to mess up. Make your manicure stand out with these graphic polka dots over bright red. The different coloured polka dots gives the look more depth.

10. Glitter Baby

It’s not National Day if there aren’t any fireworks, and what better way to show it than with some glitter on your nails?

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11. Lipstick Tips

Lipstick shaped nails are a huge nail trend for 2019, and this version keeps it minimal with red tips.

12. Blood Moons

For something both sleek and graphic, try this red half moon manicure out.

13. Star-Studded

Take star-studded to another level with nails that come with bejewelled stars.

14. Pastel Effect

Not into bold colours? Give this pastel French white ombre a try, with sequinned stars for an added celebratory effect.

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