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Full, flirty lashes are a given when it comes to sultry eye looks. However, false lashes are a hassle to put on and a good number of us could do with a little help in the lash department. Lash extensions have made it possible for girls to truly go “I woke up like this”. We’ve round up our go-to places for killer lash extensions, just in time for a Valentine’s date.


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Best for… Their individual lash extensions that are a favourite among brides-to-be.

Made of… Synthetic silk lashes from Japan.

The process… gives you full reign in choosing exactly the length and shape you prefer, be it the “girl-next-door” type that offers a soft, subtle definition or a “classic vintage” type that gives a fuller, more fluttery look. You can opt for a mix of lash lengths to create the illusion of being naturally blessed in the lash department. Here, you can customize almost every detail, even the amount of curl to best enhance your eyes. Fret not if you have sparse lashes and want MORE, they offer 3D lash extensions called “Late Lash Bloomer” that attaches 3 fine lashes to your original lash.

Set aside… An hour to an hour and a half. The ladies at Flutters are super speedy.

They lasted… more than a month though some longer strands fell out. Touch ups are recommended after 3 weeks, just to fill in any bald-spots. Despite that, the lash line stayed dark and defined the whole time.

It costs… $115 for the Classic Vintage Beauty Individual Lash Extensions (60 lashes per eye).

For more information, visit 

15 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089481. Tel: 6220 0920

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Best for… Long, ultra lustrous lashes that look surprisingly natural and darken the lash line.

Made of… Quality fibre lashes that are lightweight, soft and life-like.

The process… Is led by Browhaus’ expert lash technician, who will advise the lengths, density and “curve” according to your eyelid. Don’t expect any discussions of how many singular strands will be attached—it’s solely dependent on your eye shape and how many strands your natural lashes can hold.

Set aside… Two hours for this process. It takes a little longer than other lash extensions services, but that’s because they use a generous amount of strands to accentuate your peepers.

They lasted… Over a month (with a touch-up one week in). Even after quite a number of strands fell off—went diving, paddle boarding and yachting with them—the lashes still looked full, and photographed nicely after four weeks.

It costs… $128 for the Lash In Bloom strand-by-strand service.

For more information visit

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Best for… Ultra-lightweight, eye-opening lashes

Made of… Synthetic lashes from Korea

The process… Starts with a short conversation with the lash therapist to decide what are the best lash lengths for you together. This might change, however, when you’re fast asleep on the treatment bed, as she might have to adjust lengths and thickness according to what your natural lashes can carry, and how long your eyelids can accommodate. Even with deep set eyes, the longest I could take was 15mm. Besides lashes, Private Room is a one-stop beauty shop where you can get a mani-pedi done during this lash extension treatment.

Set aside… One hour, tops. The therapist is swift and gentle, and you won’t feel a thing. You’ll wake up from a cat nap with super fine and fluttery Korean-style lashes with zero discomfort.

They’ve lasted… About two weeks now, and one side is almost entirely in tack, while the other is half gone…only because I unconsciously rub my eyes in my sleep and they’re pretty delicate to touch. Because they’re so fine, the gaps aren’t that obvious and still look descent in pictures.

It costs… $108 for the Natural Eyelash Extension single strand lash-by-lash service.

For more information visit

10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903. Tel: 6223 3546

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Best for… Long, natural looking lashes that add definition to your eyes. They made mine look longer and friendlier.

Made of… lashes that are lightweight, soft and not uncomfortable.

The process… Is fuss free and the lash technician was very professional with giving her advice on the style, length and curve of the lashes to use. She originally thought 80 strands would be enough but then decided 100 was more suitable for my eye shape and based on the density of my natural eyelashes.

Set aside… One hour for the whole process. It was so comfortable, it was easy to fall asleep. So get some beauty sleep while getting pretty eyelashes!

They lasted… Over a month without a touch-up. The lashes got more sparse towards the end, with some stubborn strands that didn’t fall off. Would have been nice to have complimentary removal.

It costs… $100 for 100 individual strands.

For more information visit

2 Maju Ave, Singapore 556680. Tel: 6966 1919

By Dana Koh, Debby Kwong, Hanan Haddad