10 Sunless Self Tanners For The Ultimate Bronzed Goddess Glow

What do these sizzling hot celebrities Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Emily Ratajkowski all have in common?

A gorgeous, sun-kissed goddess-like glow that everyone loves.  And just what is it about a tan that makes it so covetable? Well for one, it makes people think that you just came back from a luxurious dream holiday in St Tropez. Or Mykonos. Or Boracay… Highlighters and bronzers also look more glamorous on tanned skin. Also, a golden glow also gives the illusion of toned, lean limbs – all with close to zero effort. Why else would Katy Perry croon “sun-kissed skin so hot, we’ll melt your popsicle!” in her 2010 hit California Gurls so gloriously?

We suppose the reason why girls here are a little apprehensive about getting on board with this because there’s an impression that one needs to get fried to a crisp under the sun to achieve that bronzed look. With the wreckage the sun could do to you, who would want to risk a lifetime of irreversible damages for a moment of beauty? That’s where self tanners come in.

Oh but wait, there’s also the whole fear of streaky, patchy stains that self-tanners leave on the skin for a good week or so, right? Leave that talk to 2008. Now in 2017, technology and skin care have come a long way, and invented formulas that not only do the trick of achieving that radiant bronzed goddess glow (come on, you know you want to sport that Victoria’s Secret angel look), the updated formulas have also incorporated skin-conditioning ingredients that love and nourish the skin to leave it soft and supple. And if uneven patches are really the reason that’s holding you back from getting that Gisele Bundchen tan, here’s a general guide on how to apply self tanners properly to reduce self tan faux pas.

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Pre self tan:

  • What to do: Give yourself a thorough full body scrub.
  • Why: This prevents unsightly streaks, and uneven results.

During application:

  • 1) What to do: Always put your tanning mitt on.
  • Why: To prevent staining your palms and fingernails (which will be unsightly, to say the least).
    • 2) What to do: Follow, follow, follow the instructions on the label carefully before slathering it all over.
    • Why: Even within different brands, there are different formulations – from lotions, to creams, to oils, to mousses and such. There’s also formulas made specifically for the body or the face. They all call for very specific leave-on time frames, so abiding by their instructions is very crucial.
  • 3) What to do: Use the mitt to evenly spread the formula all over your body, (including the ears). And use the mitt to spread the formula out around the creases on your fingers, elbows, knees, ankles, and toes.
  • Why: This allows more even application so that the formula doesn’t “over tan” where the products tend to collect, especially in the creases.

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1) What to do: Exfoliate
Why: This enhances the newly developed tan.

2) What to do: Moisturise
Why: This allows the tan to last longer, while keeping it looking radiant.

So if you’re thinking of getting your beach or a pool party glow on, scroll through the gallery above to see how you can get the look safely with these BAZAAR-approved self tanners. Just don’t forget your sunscreen when you’re out and about boasting your newfound glow in your bikini!

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By Syed Zulfadhli

With additional reporting by Hanan Haddad

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