What Blake Lively Ate To Get In Shape For 'The Shallows'
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I’m not spoiling anything when I tell you that The Shallows is basically just two hours of Blake Lively stuck on a rock in the ocean, surrounded by a shark, wearing nothing but a bikini—and looking insanely incredible (like, even her sunburnt, blistering lips after days without water are better than mine after a few hours indoors without lip balm). By the time the credits roll, you’ll have vowed to never step foot in the water or consume another buttery popcorn and XL Coke ever again. Instead, you’ll want to follow these tips from Lively’s nutritionist, Steve Macari ofThe Wave State, who implemented an 80/20 eating program over the course of several months and worked closely with the actress’ trainer, Don Saladino, to get her post-baby body in its best shape.

1) Focus on quality. “It was critical that Lively was eating the highest quality food available. This means that all fruit and vegetables were organic, fish was wild, eggs were free-range and meats were from a pasture-raised source. This type of food ensures that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrients from each bite and the least amount of toxic residue from synthetic chemicals,” says Macari.

2) Never skip breakfast. Macari’s perfect morning meal: eggs cooked in coconut oil and a side of vegetables or fruit. “It fueled her morning workouts and helped keep her blood sugar stable throughout the day,” he says.

3) Not all carbs are evil. In fact, they’re necessary post-workout to support proper recovery. Reach for rice, potatoes or fruit.

4) Superfoods are called that for a reason. And you don’t need to only eat kale and flaxseed to get the benefits. “Coconut oil and organic, soy-free dark chocolate are true superfoods,” says Macari. “They can keep your metabolism running very efficiently and are great way to stay energized throughout the day.”

5) Relax a little. “Following a strict and rigid program can be very stressful, and stress of any kind can lead to hormonal balances, which work against a slim body. Following the 80/20 rule, meaning you stick with the program for 80% of the time and have the ability to cheat 20% of the time, can break things up and keep it fun. Things like pizza and pasta were what she’d occasionally reach for during the 20%.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US