Photo: Courtesy of Bvlgari


The beauty of Cleopatra is one that has surpassed thousands of years, across cultures; and celebrated in the arts and literature alike. Continuing the legacy of her allure is Bulgari’s dazzling new fragrance, Rose Goldea.

Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas handpicked the rose for the heart of this olfactory creation. Roses were the Egyptian Pharaoh’s favourite flower, and she wore the scent of roses so often that it became synonymous with her. Apparently, on the night she seduced Marc Antony, she filled her bedroom with pink rose petals—which is said to have also fuelled their passion.

Paying homage to the everlasting icon of beauty and seduction, Cleopatra, the Rose Goldea is formulated from the exotic Damask rose. Photo: Courtesy of Bvlgari


Echoing Cleopatra’s power to mesmerise and seduce is the serpent, and she wore it as a talisman to signify her absolute power. There are many accounts of Cleopatra arriving in Rome in a breath-taking headdress decorated with a cobra emblem. Through Rose Goldea, the very creature that adorned the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh now leaves its marks on the Bulgari woman, as the iconic Serpenti motif adorns the flacon.



Luminous and warm, Rose Goldea’s rose-tinted hue reflects femininity at its core. Decorated using a mélange of gold and rose colours, the design of the bottle is at once delicate, glamorous and elegant—much like the Bulgari woman. The rose used in the scent is the most prestigious of roses, the Damask rose. Using a fraction that is unlike the ordinary rose, Morillas wanted to bring out the very natural freshness, youthfulness and luminosity of the flower with the more translucent notes of musk.

At first whiff, you’ll notice accents of precious rose petal extract, pomegranate and nectar of musks, all of which form the top notes of this sparkling scent. Next, hints of the more voluptuous Damask rose absolute and heady jasmine surface, adding a creamy and sensual touch. As the scent is left to settle on the skin, what lingers is a combination of sensual musks, sandalwood milk and white incense. Soft and never pungent, this blend of base notes adds depth and a skin-like characteristic while intensifying the beguiling sillage of Rose Goldea.


Wearing the Rose Goldea evokes the love rituals of Egyptian women, who drenched their garments in perfume and wore necklaces made of aromatic, aphrodisiacal beads. From a sensual bathing ritual, to the elegant motion of spritzing on perfume, here’s how to make Bulgari’s latest olfactory jewel your own.

Rose Goldea Bath And Shower Gel, $80 for 200ml | Rose Goldea Body Milk, $89 for 200ml | Rose Goldea EDP, $232 for 90ml

With its rich and luxurious lather, Rose Goldea Bath And Shower Gel gently cleanses while leaving a delicate fragrance veil over the skin—perfect for everyday pampering. Lightweight and rapidly absorbed by the skin, Rose Goldea Body Milk lightly scents the skin without any sticky or greasy residue. As a finishing touch, apply Rose Goldea EDP, onto pulse points at the wrists and behind your ears to leave a feminine and sensual trail.

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore.