Photo: Betsy Farrell

You might have thought choosing a shade to fill in your brows would be unambiguous—brown with brown, lighter brown with blonde—but if recent events have shown us anything, YOU THOUGHT WRONG. First, there was the realization that *moss green* could be the correct option for some people. Now, we are here with the news that not all commercially available colors are created equal, and that some of them are so deceptive not even celebrity makeup artists know any better than to use them.

By “deceptive,” we mean that a chestnut in the pencil might not be a chestnut on the skin—if anything, it’ll read more like “chestnut with a whole Rothko’s worth of red thrown in.” Which is how this happens:

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And this:

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Still a better job than most of us could do, but wow, this is really one of those things that, once it enters your perception, you start seeing everywhere. Luckily, we common folk will rarely find ourselves under conditions in which the color of our eyebrows will be scrutinized/un-editable, so no need to get all gassed up, as Drake would say. But should you make it, absolutely insist that your face painter use a brow color that’s more neutral or gray than anything—in fact, put it in your contract.

From: Marie Claire US