Chanel Blue Serum
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

In its quest to promote a holistic approach when it comes to maintaining skin’s health and youthfulness, Chanel sets out to study the secrets behind “blue zones”, also known as areas where there are more centenarians than any other parts of the world. These “blue zones” have been identified as Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Greece and Japan.

Firstly, Chanel scientists referred to studies made on centenarians living in these areas and found that their longevity could be attributed to regular physical activity, balanced diet, stress management, as well as a close-knit social structure. Similarly, the four mechanisms essential to the longevity of skin cells can also be derived by applying the same principles: cellular energy (comparable to daily exercise), cellular metabolism (comparable to a healthy diet), cellular inflammation (comparable to strss management), as well as intercellular communication (comparable to having a strong support system).

Next, Chanel scientists studied the botanical ingredients that are native to ecosystems found in these “blue zones”, before identifying the following three key ingredients that have a synergistic effect in improving all four skin longevity mechanisms.

1. Green Coffee from Costa Rica

chanel blue serum
Green Coffee from Costa Rica

Rich in antioxidants, hand-harvested green coffee beans are dried in the sun and cold-pressed to get an unrefined oil. Next, they undergo a complex Chanel-exclusive PolyFractioning technique, resulting in Green Coffee PFA, one of the key ingredients of the Blue Serum. This power-packed extract is five times more concentrated than in its raw form for unparalleled antioxidant actions.

2. Olives from Sardinia, Italy

Chanel Blue Serum
Olives from Sardinia, Italy

After the fatty acids-rich oil from the fruit is obtained, it is then used to extract polyphenols from the olive tree leaf. Extraction methods including freeze-grinding and ultrasound break down olive tree leaf cells without damaging the polyphenols, and the resulting Olive Tree Oleoactive is subsequently used in the Blue Serum. This provides skin cells with nutrients and helps support cell repair for more resilient skin.

3. Lentisk from Ikaria, Greece

Chanel Blue Serum
Lentisk from Ikaria, Greece

By making repeated cuts on the trunks of the Lentisk shrub, a natural resin rich in oleanolic acid drips out and solidifies into small pieces. These “droplets” are then collected by members of the local community and shipped to Chanel’s labs, where the resin is put through a carbon dioxide extraction process. The end result is another of Blue Serum’s main ingredients, Lentisk Gum Extract. This soothes cellular inflammation and fends off free radical damage to restore a healthy glow to skin.

Chanel Blue Serum
Blue Serum, $160 for 30ml, Chanel

Combining Green Coffee PFA, Lentisk Gum Extract and Olive Tree Oleoactive, Chanel’s Blue Serum feeds skin with an ideal amount of antioxidants and fatty acids to improve cell nutrition and cellular energy, while defending skin against free radicals and optimising intercellular communication. With the fundamentals of skin health improved, this refreshing serum can be applied before your regular moisturiser or as a pre-serum to boost the efficacy of products that follow.

By Joyce Cheo