Models bowl a bottle of Chance Eau Vive down the lane

When one thinks of bowling, three words would usually come to mind: polo shirts, high socks and multi-coloured bowling shoes. Basically, anything but couture. However, Chanel‘s photographer and director Jean-Paul Goude manages to magically transform bowling into every high fashion lover’s dream. In the house’s ad for their latest fragrance campaign, Chance Eau Vive, four French models (Rianne Van Rompaey, Sigrid Agren, Cindy Bruna, Romy Schonberger) take to the bowling alley set in a starry back drop. Decked in everything pretty and pastel-like, the girls bowl—not with a bowling bowl, but instead, with the Eau Vive bottle. The film makes us want to recreate the scenes in the same kind of fashion again, and yes, we’re willing to #TakeAChance.

Watch the ad and the interview with Jean-Paul Goude below: