Chanel SUBLIMAGE La Crème Steph Er
Top, Chanel. Trousers, stylist’s own. Necklace; ring, Chanel

When we travel, compromises often become companions. The thrill of exploration is accompanied by the challenge of leaving behind the comforts and luxury of home. Yet, amidst the whirlwind of new experiences, there emerges a beauty revelation—a skincare journey that not only accompanies you on your adventures but enhances them. Chanel SUBLIMAGE La Crème is the embodiment of this revelation, offering a fusion of luxury and portability that resonates deeply with the spirit of modern nomads, offering an opulent experience that travels with you—wherever life takes you.

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Chanel SUBLIMAGE La Crème Steph Er
Dress, stylist’s own. Boots, Chanel. Necklace; ring, Chanel

For multi-hyphenate Steph Er, designing spaces, hosting podcasts, and being a mother are just a few of the many roles she effortlessly weaves together into a tapestry of boundless creativity and ceaseless inspiration. Travelling makes up a significant part of her life. In her own words, “It’s ingenious to have a nomadic form of SUBLIMAGE La Crème. It makes so much sense for the modern-day person on the go.” This sentiment aligns seamlessly with the ethos of SUBLIMAGE La Crème—a concept that invites you to bring luxury self-care with you, ensuring your skin is pampered even when you’re far from home.

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Chanel SUBLIMAGE La Crème Steph Er
From top: Top; skirt, stylist’s own. Necklace; ring, Chanel

The new packaging of SUBLIMAGE La Crème captures the essence of luxury on the move. The lightweight and elegantly designed portable inner jar is a testament to how SUBLIMAGE La Crème adapts to your lifestyle, offering the luxury of radiant skin on your journey. Beyond its travel-friendly design, SUBLIMAGE La Crème boasts an exquisite diversity of textures: Suprême, Universelle, and Fine. These textures, Steph Er suggests, are your allies in the dynamic landscape of skincare needs when it comes to climate and weather. “Our skin’s needs change due to our lifestyle and travel habits. I use two skincare creams on the daily, the lighter Texture Fine for the day and the richer Texture Universalle for the night.” This approach resonates with the philosophy of being able to select a piece of clothing that cloaks you from the elements, much like the versatility offered by SUBLIMAGE La Crème’s diverse textures that allow you to tailor your skincare to your skin’s changing needs.

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Chanel SUBLIMAGE La Crème Steph Er
Top; boots, Chanel. Trousers, stylist’s own. Necklace; ring, Chanel

Yet, the heart of SUBLIMAGE La Crème lies in the extraordinary essence of Vanilla planifolia. This flower, which made Madagascar its kingdom, harbours an exceptional secret within its petals. Chanel’s discovery of its olfactory characteristics unveiled its potent effects on skin ageing. Nestled in Chanel’s open-sky laboratory in Madagascar, the most powerful molecules were meticulously extracted from the Vanilla planifolia plant. These molecules were then refined using an exclusive vanilla polyfractioning process, enhancing their properties to extraordinary levels. This alchemical process bestowed vanilla with a concentration of active molecules 40 times greater than its raw form. A blend of nature’s magic and mysterious universal cues, this flower, with its immaculate petals and heart of black seeds, found its sublime destiny—to infuse its essence into a House that had already elevated black and white to symbols of ultimate luxury.

Chanel SUBLIMAGE La Crème transcends the realm of skincare, becoming an emblem of indulgence that accompanies the modern nomad’s journey. As you navigate through a myriad of experiences, both external and internal, SUBLIMAGE La Crème remains a steadfast companion, reminding you of the essence of luxury self-care and the limitless potential of your skin’s radiance. With each application, you not only pamper your skin but celebrate the extraordinary journey of self-discovery that travel offers.