Pure Serum Mist, $98 for 100ml, Skin Inc
Pure Serum Mist, $98 for 100ml. Photo: Skin Inc


I’ve almost never experienced any sensation of tightness or itching around my face, until in recent months. While friends say it’s probably due to a bout of frequent flying, I attribute it to one of the many early signs of ageing I’ve been noticing. Skin dullness and roughness aside, I find that my skin takes longer to recover from anything and everything. For example, pimple scars take longer to fade, my skin still feels dry and uncomfortable days after I’ve returned from a different climate and patches of redness never seem to go away.

Until I started treating my skin to Skin Inc’s Pure Serum Mist, also known as “my love at first spritz”. What I first notice about this was the ultra-fine mist that didn’t make me feel like I was drowning in splashes of fluid. This sensation was so comfortable and refreshing, I’ll whip this out from under my table just to cool my skin down after a hot and sweaty lunch break. And then about one week into using this every morning and evening (plus whenever I feel like it), I notice that the blotchiness around my face has subsided. My skin just looks calm. And this is all thanks to the mist’s high concentration of soothing minerals from the Izumo Yumura hot springs in Japan. This combination of magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, copper, iodine and carbonate soothes and strengthens skin barrier function, normalising signs of irritation.

In addition, it’s also packed with low molecular hyaluronic acid and other potent humectants which are able to help my skin retain moisture for a plump and supple finish. Plus, I also find that serums and moisturisers applied after absorbed really well. Those with sensitive skin will also appreciate its paraben-, fragrance-, and alcohol-free formula which doesn’t sting or tingle at all, making it suitable for blemished and broken skin to help calm inflammation. Now all I’m wishing for is a travel-friendly size.

By Joyce Cheo