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As we slowly settle into the season of beach outings and pool-side suntans, we are also slowly losing all those layers we could previously play with for our low-temp apropos outfits. Not that full-on layering can happen in Singapore anyway, but with GSS well on its way, we need to find a new way to dress fresh for the onslaught of shopping frenzies.

The key thing about looking fresh is that it does not always have to be about the clothes or the accessories. It’s about the thought and the attitude that makes you pop. And this is where highlighters come in.

Essentially, these iridescent things are light manipulators. Though most commonly applied on our faces, highlighters can also enhance other parts of the body to achieve the photo-finish glaze so desired by the ‘Gram. And even if it weren’t, who’s saying its wrong to look like you just woke up from a wholesome 8 hours of sleep for the entire day?

Your skin is a base that can radiate in ways that range from being sun-kissed, hydrated and dewy, romantically shimmered, or just outlandishly dazzling with holographic tendencies—its response to light is merely dependent on how you treat it to suit your personality and style. So while others are scrambling to keep up with runway trends to dress fresh, why not dress your skin up instead: that way your shine lasts for longer and is more authentic an approach to “glowing from within” in all senses. It is your dermis that’s getting the flashy treatment, so read on to know more about where exactly this can be done really get that full-on glow.

1. Collarbones

The expose of the neckline is elegant precisely for the fact that it is the honest revealing of delicate and bare skin. It’s something about the structure, the way the angular lines meet below the neck that makes the showing of the clavicles so sensual, but in an innocent way. How to accentuate? Lightly slather a bit of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid on the most prominent points of your collarbones to make sure the eyes glaze over here next time. If you’re still not too sure what to do, just grab a Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom and swipe it all over your décolletage; who doesn’t love a dazzling mess?

2. Shoulders

Ever since Rihanna came out with her Fenty Beauty Body Lava and rubbed the luxurious liquid gold all over her shoulder, beauty personalities on Instagram and Youtube have all been seen taking photos with that same slanted, back-facing-camera angle to show this part of the upper body catch some extra light. Often covered by sleeves, the gleam of the shoulder gives a soft kind of dewy lustre that hails from the roundness of your ball and socket joint. Just follow as per Rihanna’s instructions and you’ll be asking yourself the same question: #WHONEEDSCLOTHES.

3. Shins And Arms

Think airbrushed, matte-silk surfaces that croon when the sun hits the highest point at noon. Highlighting the centre part of your shins and arms gives a slimming effect, and elongates the overall line of your limbs in a way no different than that of a model’s. Just roll on Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body Body Highlighter as you would a highlighter on your cheekbones, and you’ll be confidently strutting your stuff even in a pair of denim shorts or a summery skirt all the way into the night. Benefit’s High Beam has a charming pearlescent sheen makes this highlighter worth a mention too.

4. Tips Of Your Ears

For those still indulging in their elvish fantasies since the days of Orlando Bloom’s Legolas in Lord Of The Rings, try out this neat trick to bring the mystical to your everyday. Swipe a generous bit of the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter and rub it onto the highest point of your ear. Subtle but adventurous, the play of light (when it does come into contact with your dainty ear tips) should catch any curious onlooker with pleasant surprise. Amp it up or down with the choice of colours from Colourpop’s extensive selection; showstop with Rocket Science or understate it with Pier Pressure.

5. Your Whole Body

Sometimes it’s better to embrace going full out and look as if you’ve been dipped inside a human-sized container of glitter. For nights where you’re dressed in your best gown and sipping on some bubbly, try applying a shiny body butter like Josie Maran’s Whipped Argan Oil Illuminizing Body Butter. The Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil is one to consider, especially since it comes with a built-in fragrance. Confidence is key, and glowing from head-to-toe is what will unlock your potential to truly be the center of the stage.

So get highlighting!

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