You’ve probably heard of the famous Hot Girl Walk trend that’s been making its rounds on TikTok. For the unacquainted, the trend involves throwing your favourite pair of track shoes and going for a walk around your neighbourhood while keeping positive thoughts in your mind. And while we’re all about radiating good vibes, there is one viral TikTok trend that’s been that’s anything but positive. 

Enter the crying makeup look. As its name suggests the makeup look is made for the “unstable girlies” who are looking to achieve the look of a “fresh sob” sans the negative feelings. Personally, I was confused when I came across the new TikTok trend and wondered why would anyone want to look like a mess when most of the time, we would probably try to conceal any sign if we’ve just had an ugly cry. 

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But in today’s world, it seems like the online community has become more accepting of expressing our feelings, especially now that many of us are putting more emphasis on taking care of our mental health. Thus, users are now allowing being sad more of an identity, than just a feeling. 


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The TikTok that was first posted on Boston-based content creator Zoe Kim Kenealy on TikTok has garnered over 522K likes, amassing over 3.2 million views for that one video. After the video was posted, many TikTok users also followed suit and posted their own rendition of the trendy (yet controversial) makeup look on the platform.

So whether you’re an unstable girlie or you’re someone who’s curious to know more about the trend, then you’re on the right page. Ahead, we’ve jotted down what you need to know to achieve the viral crying makeup trend. 

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Getting the look

Zoe starts off the look with a layer of liquid lipstick (preferably one that’s matte), to add some colour to your pout. She also uses a lip liner to line her lips, especially at the bottom and on the top of her cupid’s bow to keep the look a little more soft and subtle, so it doesn’t take the focus away from your eyes and your cheeks. 

Next, she then adds a layer of cream blush to her eye area which includes her under eyes and lids, as well as her cheeks and nose to mimic the look of a fresh sob.

If you want to look more teary-eyed, we also recommend that you go in with a layer of liquid glitter on the bottom lash line, lids, and cupid’s bow, so that it looks more convincing that you’ve had a good cry sesh

To complete your look, Zoe finishes with a layer of gloss for the perfect pout.

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This article originally appeared in Her World.