Customised, Targeted Body Treatments To Help Tone, Lift And Tighten
EmShape (Photo: MODE Aesthetics)

A woman’s confidence stems not just from looking good – but also feeling good from the inside out. Whether it is a pampering facial or slimming treatment to target stubborn fat, MODE Aesthetics is a one-stop beauty destination with innovative treatments that range from laser facials to hair removal, body shaping, and LED teeth whitening to help you feel confident from head to toe.

Personalisation lies at the heart of the company’s motto. With the understanding that beauty has no one-size-fits-all solution, MODE Aesthetics tailors its treatments to suit customers’ needs.

Case in point: Body MODE, a signature body shaping program where customers can select from an array of treatments to address concerns such as cellulite and sagging skin. Depending on each individual’s needs and budget, MODE Aesthetics will then suggest a customised treatment – based on a three-pronged approach of fat reduction, skin tightening/contouring and muscle building – to achieve the desired results.

Fat Freeze

Customised, Targeted Body Treatments To Help Tone, Lift And Tighten
Fat Freeze (Photo: MODE Aesthetics)

For instance, Fat Freeze is said to help reduce fat, improve body contours and boost metabolism. It does so by applying cooling plates on desired areas to trigger apoptosis (fat cell death). Need help losing those extra inches? The V8 Body Sculptor aims to target fat and restore skin elasticity through the motorised rolling stimulation of lipomassage that improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage. As a result, cellulite is reduced and skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother.


Customised, Targeted Body Treatments To Help Tone, Lift And Tighten
Cryocontour (Photo: MODE Aesthetics)

Cryo Contour is another body contouring and skin tightening treatment using nitrogen based localised cryotherapy to target loose skin and pockets of fat at problem areas such as tummy and thighs with subzero temperatures of -160 degrees celsius. Cryo Contour is part of a growing trend to freeze away skin laxity and pregnancy pooch.


Customised, Targeted Body Treatments To Help Tone, Lift And Tighten
Photo: MODE Aesthetics

If you are too busy to exercise or seeing no results from your exercises, try EmShape to help build muscle and sculpt your body. Using High Intensity Pulsed ElectroMagnetic (Hipem) energy, which promotes supramaximal muscle contractions, one 30-minute EmShape session is reportedly equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches or 20,000 squats!  Achieving the coveted 6 pack and lifted butt can be made much easier and effortless with EmShape.

Established in 2012, MODE Aesthetics is now an award-winning medispa with seven outlets across Singapore and Malaysia. Over the years, it has clinched accolades from the prestigious Superbrands, Her World Spa & Wellness and Harper’s BAZAAR Spa awards. MODE Aesthetics uses the latest aesthetic technologies and equipment from Korea and the UK that are European CE-certified and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – thus ensuring visible results without compromising on safety.

So whether you’re looking for help with lifting or toning, or need a treatment to refresh your look, speak to the team at MODE Aesthetics who will recommend what’s best for you and your needs.

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