Update, 26/01: Dolce & Gabbana have released Act II of their hypnotising campaign. The story picks up at Villa Valguarnera, where the whole town has been invited to a party to celebrate its restoration. Kate King stars as the lovely Rosa who catches the eye of Sophia Loren’s youngest son. Watch what happens next in this equally intriguing second act (and we have to admit, this has us impatiently waiting for the third)


Original, 25/01: 


Is Dolce & Gabbana’s new beauty campaign starring Sophia Loren some kind of test? In the Snap-story-short clip above (Act one of three, says the brand), legendary director Giuseppe Tornatore introduces us to Sophia Loren’s Sicilian world, complete with five smoking hot sons who have agreed to take on the restoration of their ancient family estate: “Walls come down, precious murals reappear, roof beams are hoisted up and the garden’s overgrown trees are trimmed.” It’s all over in 15 seconds and we’re left feeling more alone and displaced than a pruned-off branch from Sophia’s garden. Watch and wonder what just happened?

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US