Photo: Courtesy of Parfums Christian Dior

“Outspoken” and “ambitious” are words commonly used to describe millennials, a generation defined as those born between the early eighties to mid-nineties. Having come of age in a time of rapid technological advancements, they are a lot savvier when it comes to consuming information. In other words, there is little to no chance of “force-feeding” this generation with unwanted content. Moreover, they believe in living in the moment (#yolo has racked up over 27 million posts on Instagram), and are more interested in instant gratification than long-term benefits.

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According to a JPMorgan Chase study, millennials are overtaking baby boomers as the largest generation, which means they will become the biggest spenders in the next decade or so. No wonder marketers are scrambling to reach them, and Dior is no exception. Its answer to winning over this generation? A new range of skincare called Capture Youth. As its name suggests, Capture Youth takes on a preventative approach, targeted at young millennial women in their twenties. Joining the likes of Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron is Cara Delevingne, who will front the new range’s campaigns.

Photo: Courtesy of Parfums Christian Dior

Delevingne is more than just a pretty face: In addition to being one of the most sought-after models, she has branched into acting, starring in box-office hits alongside Hollywood A-listers like Kate Beckinsale, Keira Knightley and Margot Robbie. Beneath the glamour of being a model-actress, the 25-year-old is also a fierce advocate for women’s rights and animal rights, who speaks freely about her sexuality and her personal struggles with ADHD and depression. Her strong point of view and willingness to open up about herself are traits that make her extremely relatable to women of her generation. In short, she embodies the new millennial Dior customer: A young and perceptive woman who leads a fast-paced lifestyle and wants a skincare routine that can keep up with her.

Photo: Courtesy of Parfums Christian Dior

Dior’s new Capture Youth does that by putting the control back into the hands of each individual. A first of its kind, this new skincare range is inspired by the field of predictive medicine, where physicians are able to ascertain the diseases you are more susceptible to, based on your gene sequence, before formulating a treatment plan to lower your risk of developing these diseases eventually. By applying this concept of prediction to skincare, Dior scientists have developed a total of five serums that are able to put off potential skin problems that might arise over time, based on your existing skin characteristics. “All you have to do is pick and choose which serums to use, according to your existing skin characteristics,” says Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis, Environmental and Scientific Communication Director of Parfums Christian Dior.

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For example, if your skin is prone to dullness, using the Glow Booster Illuminating Serum will energise tired skin and keep it from becoming sallow. Those with dehydrated skin are more likely to develop skin roughness, so choosing the Plump Filler Plumping Serum will help keep skin supple in the long run. Or if you are plagued with congested pores, the Matte Maximizer Mattifying Serum can prevent the occurrence of slackened and enlarged pores by refining skin texture. The Lift Sculptor Lifting Serum firms and tightens skin to stave off the loss of elasticity. And finally, the Redness Soother Anti-Redness Soothing Serum calms and strengthens skin from within so redness-prone skin will not advance to a compromised skin barrier.

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Photo: Courtesy of Parfums Christian Dior

To supplement the five serums, Dior has also introduced the Age-Defying Advanced Creme, an antioxidant moisturiser that is suitable for all skin types. Unlike other topical antioxidants, which can only neutralise specific types of free radicals, this cream contains iris extract to boost the skin’s fundamental defence mechanism to protect against all forms of oxidative reactions—a revelation made possible thanks to Dior’s partnership with researchers at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in France. The best part? You can either layer the serums under it or mix them together before application.
If this generation is all about seizing the moment and living life with no regrets, then Capture Youth is set to appeal to the go-getting millennial woman who wants to take control of her skin’s future, right now—a sentiment that is well captured by the product’s tagline: “Yesterday is over. Tomorrow is too late. The time is now.”