Gisele Bundchen for Dior Capture Totale

If conscious beauty were to be personified, it would take the form of none other than the inimitable Gisele Bündchen, for the supermodel’s advocacy for wellness and mindful living sees her as the perfect embodiment of what it means to get better with age. To that end, Dior has tapped on her to rep its new Capture Totale C.E.L.L Energy anti-ageing range—a skincare collection that targets ageing in a way that’s entirely revolutionary.

With a culmination of 20 years of stem cell research, which has thus inspired the House to create this collection, Dior’s approach to achieving (and maintaining) that fresh-faced glow focuses on the restoration of cellular energy in order to reactivate the skin’s vital functions for youthful beauty. So if it’s maturing gracefully à la Gisele you’re looking to emulate, read on to find out why Dior’s new Capture Totale C.E.L.L Energy series is the skincare investment you need to make.

Dior Capture Totale Serum
The Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Serum. Photo: Courtesy.

By zeroing into the skin’s cellular functions, we now understand that our stem cells don’t decrease over time. Instead, it is the decline in the activity of the cells (by as much as 50 per cent between the ages of 20 to 40 years old!) that leads to the loss of youthfulness in our complexions.

In response to this issue, Dior has delivered a breakthrough approach that combines its stem cell research and its expertise in floral science with new vector technology to develop formulas that reach deep beneath the skin to where the stem cells reside. You get a unique floral complex comprising of Madagascan longoza, Chinese peony, white lily, and Chinese jasmine—which are lauded for their exceptional revitalising powers—integrated with a lipopeptide that boosts the absorption rate of these ingredients, so that the actives effectively penetrate deep into the skin to rejuvenate all of the skin’s vital functions, from regeneration and strengthening to self-repair, healing, and cell production, giving you younger and more radiant skin.

Dior Capture Totale ingredients
The four alpha flowers in the Capture Totale formula: (from L – R) Chinese jasmine, Chinese peony, white lily, and Madagascan longoza. Photo: Courtesy.

Behold the star of the show aka the Capture Totale Super Potent Serum. Uniquely developed to suit all skin types and all ages, this sleek bottle encapsulates a concentrate of next-generation hyaluronic acid that stays active for longer in the skin, thanks to an exclusive formulation that makes it more resistant to deterioration. Super-performative, this well-loved hydrating agent has also been transformed by Dior to carry a lower molecular weight, which gives it the ability to penetrate up to 13 times deeper than your standard hyaluronic acid.

And with an ultra-active texture that works with your skin, each application will see your complexion becoming suppler, more radiant, and visibly smoother. We’re talking total correction, for the Super Potent Serum is a powerful all-rounder that packs intense regeneration to treat all the signs of ageing. In as little as seven days, you’ll notice an improvement in your skin’s tone and radiance—and it’s a gift that keeps giving as regular use intensifies this plumping effect over time to give you naturally fuller, firmer, and more glowy skin.

Dior Capture Totale collection
The Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L Energy collection. Photo: Courtesy

With 91 per cent of the ingredients derived from natural origins, the Capture Totale collection reveals another facet where it champions sustainability and clean beauty, as reflected in its recyclable, eco-designed packaging and gentle-on-skin formulas that nix the harmful nasties. This nod to the environment also sees the House respecting nature’s biodiversity, with Dior continuously working to ensure its skincare ingredients are grown under the best conditions—and without chemical fertilisers or pesticides—in all the Dior Gardens.

A strict charter oversees the harvesting and processing as well, which means that from field to bottle, the credence and purity of the Capture Totale product you hold in your hands is guaranteed. Now this is what it means to stand behind an inclusive and ageless brand of beauty that resonates with your inner sense of self.

Gisele Bundchen for Dior Capture Totale
Photo: Courtesy.

The Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy collection is available at all Dior counters and boutiques, $82 – $265. Visit the Capture Totale Pop-Up at Jewel, Changi Airport #01-K201 from 6 January to 29 February.

For a complimentary Dior Discovery Sample Kit and a 1-to-1 skincare consultation at the pop-up, click here to register.

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