There’s been whispers about lipstick being “over.” Since we’ve been wearing masks and staying home for almost a year, some people think it’s no longer worth the effort—that we’ve resigned ourselves to a sad little life of lip balm and no more. Peter Philips says not so fast. The Creative and Image Director for Dior—and one of the most exciting makeup artists today—has something he wants to show you: Rouge Dior, a rainbow of 75 (refillable!) lip colors.

“When we were in the first wave of the pandemic, we went for pure comfort,” says Philips, acknowledging that lipstick was understandably put on the backburner. Now he says people want to wear it not only for the look, but for the psychological benefits. “It’s part of the ritual,” he says. Lipstick affects your state of mind. You can taste it. You can smell it. Lipstick makes you feel different.”

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Photo: Dior

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Rouge Dior has been around since 1953, created by Christian Dior himself—the designer saw it as a natural extension of his work, as he wanted to dress women from head to toe. Since then, one Rouge Dior lipstick is sold every three seconds in the world, according to the brand. The newest incarnation of Rouge Dior, available at today, starting with the refillable case that was actually part of the initial version. When it comes to sustainability, what’s old is new again.

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Within the collection, there are four fabric-inspired finishes: satin, matte, metallic, and velvet, the latter which Philips describes as “a luminous matte.”

Standouts include the brand’s vast new collection of nudes (from the palest beige to rosewood) and 999, a bold crimson and the only color goes across all four finishes.

Lipstick affects your state of mind. You can taste it. You can smell it. Lipstick makes you feel different.

When it came to formula, Philips and his team straddled both the old and new worlds, by relying more on botanicals. The House of Dior’s science lab works with ingredients like Red Peony, which preserves lips’ moisture while enhancing the lipsticks’ pigment, adding how rare it is that a natural ingredient actually boosts color payoff.

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Dior also enhanced the new lipsticks with pomegranate blossom, a pretty-sounding addition that does some important work if you’re over 30: It smooths out fine lines and keeps the color from feathering. If that’s an issue for you, you might also want to consider adding a Dior Contour to cart. These lipliners (which come in 24 shades) are designed to match the lipsticks, and they also have pomegranate blossom in them. We’ve tried these, too, and they go on super-smooth, and they can keep your lipstick on for another two hours—or at least until the end of that marathon Zoom meeting.

This article first appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US