Dree Hemingway
Photo: Courtesy of Chloe

Harper’s Bazaar: Congratulations on being the new face of Chloé fragrance. What does the brand and the idea of the Chloé woman mean to you?

Dree Hemingway: I think that Chloé for me has always been my first kind of real love of the fashion industry. I remember looking at the old Inez and Vinoodh campaigns with Anja [Rubik] and just really wanting to embody that in my own life. And I think that the nice thing about the Chloé girl is she’s mixing vintage and new, and it’s about this free woman who is very independent and just a strong woman. She does her own thing. I feel like I’ve tried to embody that as much as I can in just being who I am, so it’s really lovely. I mean, I can’t even tell you how honoured I was when they called me and asked me to do it. It was kind of the dream.

Describe your personal style in three words. 

DH: God, that’s so hard—I mean, less is more. Oh, that’s three words. Less is more!

What is the best beauty trick you’ve picked up on a shoot?

DH: I think mixing moisturiser with your cover-up so your skin shines through. But when I’m on a photoshoot, I’m playing a character so I’m kind of let them do their thing and then when it’s me doing it, I want to look very natural.

So you’re more of a skin care girl than a makeup girl…

DH: Yeah, I love skin care. I don’t use water to wash my face. I use Bioderma Crealine to take off everything, wrinkle cream around my eyes as a preventative and I do a scrub once a week. I go to Carol at Ling Skincare for facials—they’re so good. I also recently discovered the sleep massage they have there, which is so great, but no one warned me that it actually works, so do not do it unless you have the full rest of the day to actually conk out and sleep because I was walking around the city like a zombie.

You have that Chloé girl hair we all want—what do you do to it?

DH: I have my colourist Lena Ott at Suite Caroline—who’s a genius—and I don’t really shampoo my hair, I just use conditioner and let it air dry. I don’t even own a blow dryer—it just does it on its own.

If you could stock up on one product and never run out of it, what would it be?

DH: Weleda Skin Food is my favourite. I also had my favourite bronzer blush that Armani used to do, but they discontinued that and it really bummed me out. It looked really dark purple but it went on nicely and just made your cheekbones pop out like crazy. I’m not really attached to any products, though. Everything is really simple. I like to feel a little greasy and like I’ve just come out of a spa situation.

Who are your beauty and fashion icons?

DH: My Aunt Margaux [Hemingway] is really my beauty icon. Whenever I’m at a shoot and I have any say toward where we’re going with it, I normally pull up an image of her. Joni Mitchell, definitely Katherine Hepburn, because I think she is that one woman who is just very, very feminine but strong. There’s an androgyny about her that’s really sexy. And Jane Birkin.

Do you have a favourite workout?

DH: I do Ballet Beautiful everyday. I also walk everywhere in the city and I’m sure a lot of people say that, but it really does help to just put on music and clear your head. I don’t even know if it’s helping your body in any way.

What are you buying for fall?

DH​: I’ll be buying a lot of the Chloé jackets from last season, basically that whole collection. I wouldn’t mind getting involved in some of the menswear from Saint Laurent.

What’s your favourite vintage store?

DH: I love Melet Mercantile.

From: HarpersBazaar.com