Skincare Hacks
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Navigating the world of skincare can be tough. There are different products, remedies, budgets, and procedures for just about every skin concern out there.

But achieving good, healthy skin does not always require elaborate or expensive treatments. Sometimes, all you need are just a few simple hacks. Here, we list 10 fuss-free skincare hacks to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

1. Change your pillowcase often (twice a week)
Our pillowcases can be hotspots for dirt, oil, and bacteria – stuff we wouldn’t want anywhere near our face. Which is why changing your pillowcases often, as much as twice a week, can help to eliminate acne the rest of your routine couldn’t.

2. Switch to silk pillowcases
On that note, giving your regular cotton pillowcases an upgrade to silk pillowcases can be quite the game changer. Silk causes less damage made on your hair and skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and frizzy hair in the long run. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this luxurious material is a lot more comfy, too.

3. Sleep with an overnight mask on
You don’t need 20 minutes or so to spare for a mask to work its magic. Maximise your beauty sleep with an overnight mask, which will save you time and effort, and have you waking up with noticeably hydrated skin. As the skin works to repair itself while you’re snoozing, this helps to maximise the mask’s benefits, too.

4. Avoid touching your face throughout the day
This skin care commandment has been drilled to us since we were children, with good reason. We touch a multitude of things throughout the day, building up dirt, oil and bacteria on our fingertips. Touching them gives us problems ranging from skin breakouts to irritations. Tip: try to maintain short and trim cuticles too to prevent dirt buildup on your nails.

5. Go makeup-free once a week
Give your face a breather and go bare-faced once a week. Makeup blocks your pores, so by going bare-faced, it will let your skin breathe, promote faster skin cell renewal, and reduce the likelihood of breaking out. Plus, it frees up some time you’d usually take from makeup application.

6. Apply products immediately after cleansing
Leaving your skin naked for more than a minute will dehydrate it as the air draws out moisture. The next time you’re done washing your face, reach out for your toner immediately and apply it onto your skin when skin is still slightly damp to retain your skin’s moisture.

7. Give yourself a face gym
Just like the rest of your body, your face consists of muscles as well. And over time, these can start to weaken and sag. Which is when the face gym, a Korean beauty hack, comes in. To give your skin a workout for suppleness and tightness, do this routine twice a day. Say the vowels AEIOU out loud, in exaggerated expressions.

8. Cut back on sugar
A study found that people who frequently consumed added sugars had greater risk of inflammation, or developing acne. Sugar also breaks down collagen, the substance that makes your skin look plump, youthful, and lifted. Try taking note of your sugar intake and limiting your overall consumption for better and healthier skin.

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