Elsa Hosk On Her Favorite Workout, Beauty Routine—And How She Was Discovered
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While promoting Victoria’s Secret’s new Easy bra line, Angel Elsa Hosk sat down with BAZAAR.com yesterday to talk about the start of her modeling career, her beauty fixes, bikini obsession (her current favorite style is a one-piece), and her itching love for basketball. All while sitting pretty in a stunning white lace Nina Ricci dress.

Read through the model’s best quotes below, and scroll down to watch her full live interview.

Harper’s BAZAAR: How did you get discovered as a model?

Elsa Hosk: It was a long time ago, I was 13, and my dad actually sent photos to two different agencies of all of my family, and I had no idea. I was such a tomboy. I was playing basketball, living in Sweden, I didn’t give a sh*t — I mean, obviously did not have dreams to be a model. Then they both responded and my dad was like, “You’re going up to the agency!” We took photos, and it was such a foreign world to me. I remember I was wearing hand-me-downs from my brother and sitting there, trying to be cool, and then it went from there.

HB: What’s your favorite part of your job?

EH: My favorite part about modeling is probably my least favorite part as well. It’s traveling. Because it goes both ways. It’s so amazing to get to see the world; we’re so fortunate to go to all these places that I would never be in unless I was a model.

HB: Would you still be playing basketball if you weren’t modeling?

EH: Probably! I was so into it. We were practicing seven days a week, games on the weekends—it was my life. I lived for it. I went to school and then I practiced after. My dad put up a basket on my street and I was practicing every day. It was just nuts. But I miss it. Whenever I see a ball I get itchy!

HB: Was working for Victoria’s Secret ever a goal when you first started your modeling career?

EH: When I first started, I had no idea that I was even gonna get one job. So it was so different. I started in Sweden and the jobs just started coming in. I was sent to Japan for a month, and I was working like crazy in Japan, like three jobs a day. They do things very differently there; you have a job from five in the morning ’till 12 PM, you have a lunch break and then you do another job. [The jobs] are very short concentrated. So I came back from there thinking that was what modeling was, that you just work every day and have three jobs a day. But obviously, that’s not the case in Europe and America. But I never thought I would get to the point where I was walking Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and being an Angel. It’s all still really surreal to me. My brother is like, “You are a Victoria’s Secret Angel?” He cannot believe it. When I told him the first time he was like, “You? On that catwalk?” So it’s such an amazing surprise for me in my career to be able to do this.

HB: How would you describe your personal style?

EH: It’s always comfortable. I like to think that it looks effortless rather than trying too hard. It’s sort of a mix-match between vintage designers. I love fashion so I’m always into new things. I’m not necessarily a trend-driven person. I like to kind of do my own thing.

HB: What are some of your favorite places to shop right now?

EH: I like vintage stores—all over the world. I have a little collection of my favorite stores here and there. Other than that I love online shopping. I think it’s so fun right now. You can see something in a store and then you research it online, and you can find so many amazing pieces that way.

HB: How many bikinis do you bring with you for one beach vacation?

EH: Oh my God, so many. I don’t know. I had a whole bag full. And I still felt like I didn’t have enough! Definitely more bikinis then you have days of vacation.

HB: What’s your beauty regimen like? Do you have any products right now that you’re obsessed with?

EH: I switch my products so much, but right now I’m really into organic skin care. I hope it’s here to stay. I like that whole vibe and just being really gentle with your skin and not putting too much products that are harsh.

HB: How do you relax?

EH: I love to relax. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I am very good at being like a grandma and staying in and watching Game of Thrones or a movie. I think I could do that every night. My friends are like, “You never go out or you alway leave at 12.” So, I’m like the master relaxer.

HB: What was your favorite part of the last season of Game of Thrones?

EH: I just recently started watching it, so that’s why I’m like mentioning it. I’m like three years late. But I love it. I’m hooked like everybody else.

HB: What’s your all-time favorite workout?

EH: All-time favorite workout is basketball. It’s very hard to do basketball training though, but it’s my favorite.

HB: Do you ever find a court when you’re traveling and play?

EH: No, I wish! It sounds like such a dream. I did when I first moved to New York. I used to go to the courts on the West Side, and I used to play with these guys who played there every Sunday. And I really miss that. But I don’t have time for that anymore.

Watch Elsa’s full interview via Facebook Live below.

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