static1.squarespace.comIf you needed an extra push to be more meticulous with your skin care routine, Eva Mendes’ stunning Estée Lauder campaign shot above might just serve as some serious motivation. Today, the beauty mogul announced Mendes as its celebrity face for the New Dimension range, which is meant to accentuate the natural contours of your face and encourage women everywhere to make every vantage point their best angle. Considering that the new mum is known for aging flawlessly, the partnership couldn’t be more apt. “Since my teenage years, I have always admired Estee Lauder, the woman and the brand,” she quips. “I’m excited to represent New Dimension skin care because I can relate personally to what it stands for—the power we have as women to take control and transform our own beauty.”

Mendes is making quite a name for herself in the beauty world these days. While we’ve always harped on her all-around flawlessness, the 41-year-old took the leap from beauty muse to beauty entrepreneur this year with the launch of her makeup line with Circa Beauty. Her New Dimension ad campaign is scheduled to hit shelves soon this year, and the product lineup contains two items as of now: The Shape + Fill Expert Serum, and Expert Liquid Tape.

Between all of this, and the fact that she just had a baby and currently holds Ryan Gosling’s heart, we’re starting to think 41 is definitely the new 21.