We Need This Delicious Australian Body Care Brand In Singapore Right Now

When the RBF is your new best friend. By Charmaine Tan

Australian body care brand Everyday For Every Body has finally made its US debut exclusively at Madewell, both online and in stores.

When self-love has become such a big part of our lives today, it is reassuring to know that there are skincare brands like Everyday who are trying to expose and do away with all the nasty parts the complicated science-y jargon of skincare products excel in hiding. Featuring a 5-product strong line, the cruelty- and paraben-free range promises to feed the skin only the best natural goodies, aiming to “bring sexy back” to body care in an affordable, safe, and sustainable way.

The range includes a sunscreen, sunscreen serum, an all-purpose balm, deodorant, and a face and body mist, and are all made to target the skin of city people like us. From making sure that the skin is protected from both the sun and the blue light emitted from digital screens, to seeing that the range is compatible with makeup, it is no wonder that it took one and a half years of research to come up with products that maximise the body-lovin’ capabilities of au naturale ingredients. And the best part is that users will know how key ingredients like acai, kale, matcha or peppermint, play a part in the healing or protection process: brainy is the new sexy after all, and transparency is definitely a candidate to consider!

Topped off with the best tongue-in-cheek names and oh-so-cute packagings, Everyday is out to get everybody glowing for long and for good, and we’re crossing our fingers that it comes to our shores soon too!

Everyday For Every Body Madewell

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