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In need of a hair update but not sure where to start? Hair trends will certainly come and go, but flattering cuts and low maintenance styles will last forever. Enter the latest hair colour trend that just that: the “money piece”, a face-framing highlight around the front hairline made via the balayage technique.

This hair trend was set to become a big one when Beyonce debuted this look in June 2019, with a caramel-hued highlight on her front hairline.

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Gisele Bündchen
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This bright frame makes for a great addition to your usual balayage, and adds a pop of light and dimension to your hairdo while accentuating your hair colour and facial features. Plus, as this ‘money piece’ is usually paired with warm browns, with a deep, natural black underlayer, it makes it perfect for Asian hair.

But the strength in this trend is really its versatility – it’s suited for everyone, as it is customisable according to your face shape, cut, and style, and even for dramatic and vibrant hair colours. Plus, with its minimal upkeep, you can choose to boost the colour or let it grow into your hair as time passes.

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This is also a great way for those with darker hair to achieve a natural, sun kissed brightness without damaging the conditions of your hair with a fuller bleach.

If you want to replicate the look, be sure to specifically request a few lighter balayage pieces around the front of your face to your hairstylist.

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