Imagine walking into a Parisian florist and picking out your favourite flowers to customise your own bouquet—that’s the idea behind Chloé’s Atelier des Fleurs collection. Conventional fragrances are like readymade floral arrangements, expertly made but generic. With the Atelier des Fleurs collection, you can play perfumer and compose a fragrance that is unique to you.

With a collection of 17 fragrances created by renowned perfumers, Atelier des Fleurs presents limitless possibilities and creative freedom. Each scent represents a single olfactory note, such as damascus rose, neroli and lavender. Wear your favourite on its own, as you would a corsage. Or experiment with different combinations—it’s recommended to pick two or three when creating your bespoke scent.

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The latest fragrances to join the Atelier des Fleurs family are Violette and Santalum. For Violette, perfumer Fanny Bal revisited her childhood memories of the violet blossoms in her family’s garden, evoking the flower’s powdery notes and underscoring it with a hint of delicate freshness. Santalum is dreamt up by perfumer Marypierre Julien, who was inspired by a sandalwood fan which her grandmother brought home from a trip to Australia. The fan would scent the room with each wave of her hand, and Julien’s sensual Santalum captures its warm, woody essence. Violette and Santalum also sport a green label, which means they are of 100 percent natural origin. The other scents which fall into this category are Narcissus Poeticus, Iris and Ylang Canaga. The green label denotes fragrances which are vegan and free from artificial colourings and filters, reflecting the House’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

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Just as floriography is the art of communicating through flowers—with each bloom carrying its own meaning or symbolism—you can compose a floral message for a loved one using Atelier des Fleurs fragrances: Lavanda for serenity, Rosa Damascena for love, Iris for hope, Néroli for purity, Magnolia Alba for luck, or Hibiscus Abelmoschus for happiness—the list goes on. The practice of giving bouquets to mark special occasions or to convey thanks has always been part of the French art de vivre, and what better way to honour this tradition than a thoughtfully chosen perfume bouquet from Chloé?

Experience the joy of creating your own fragrance bouquet at the Chloé boutique located at Raffles City, #01-40A. Enjoy complimentary gift wrapping, personalisation services and fragrance miniatures in-store