Online-eyesAn eyebrow brush, a swipe or two of mascara and a nude eyeliner. Just a few tricks from Makeup Artist Amelia Axton’s bag to integrate into your makeup routine for sparkly, bright eyes…

1.       What’s the formula for great looking eyes?

The whites of the eyes should be clear and bright, while the skin tone around the eye area should be hydrated and even. You can fake bright, wide eyes with a couple of drops of Murine Clear-Eyes and a great illuminating primer like Napoleon’s Auto Pilot Concealer Primer, $29, to create a smooth base and fill in fine lines.

2.       Tell us your favourite tricks to making tired eyes look more awake?

The most effective way to give yourself an instant eye lift is to curl your lashes. And don’t forget your eyebrows – they can affect the overall look of the eyes. Eyebrows that are elongated at the end (but not drawn downward) and brushed up can lift and awaken the eye. Keep them full and healthy, as over-plucked eyebrows can give the illusion of puffy or tired eyes.

3.       How would you fake younger, more wide-looking eyes using makeup?

Conceal dark circles or any discolouration around the eye area. My favourite is Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes, $48, because they have amazing concealing pigment and are super creamy and easy to use. Use a nude eyeliner on the waterline of the eyes to make the eyes appear bigger. A highlighter with a subtle sheen to it, like YSL Touche Eclat, $57, on the inner V of the tear ducts can make the eyes appear brighter. Draw some black or brown eyeliner into the lash line on the outer corner of the eye where it starts to droop and while looking straight into the mirror blend outward and up so the eyes appear more open.

4.       What are your skin care tips to avoid the effects of aging around the eye area?

The skin around the eye area is very delicate so you need to use an eye cream or serum regularly. Try to find one that suits your specific needs – don’t be afraid to ask for multiple samples to find one that works for you, as some treatments can be too heavy for your skin and do more damage than good. My favourite eye treatment is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream, $46 (it firms the eye and lightens dark circles) – they give you samples to try when you visit them in store. If you need some major hydration I love using Kiehl’s Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado, $41 – your eyes feel so luscious afterwards, it’s addictive!

5.        Do you have any other tips for improving the overall appearance of the eyes?

Eating lots of fresh veggies, drinking lots of water and getting your 8-hours will be the most effective way to keep those eyes bright and sparkly.