Photo: Courtesy of Freia Medical
Photo: Freia Medical

I’ve had my fair share of experiences when it comes to facial treatments. While I have a penchant for a relaxing, spa-like setting (there’s nothing quite like a soothing facial massage to lull me to sleep), I sometimes yearn for the immediate results that medispas treatments bring.

And then comes my invitation to review the Freia Red Carpet Oxygen Facial, from $320 for about 90 minutes at Freia Medical. Customisable to meet the needs of various skin types, this opulent facial combines oxygen therapy from Intraceuticals (a hot favourite of Madonna) and SkinCeuticals products for total skin rejuvenation.

As I entered the premises of Freia Medical, I was pleasantly surprised that it’s decked out like a fancy hotel suite. With art pieces adorning the soft beige walls, plush couches, exotic floral arrangements and a Jo Malone candle burning by the counter, I knew this was not going to be a typical facial experience.

After I had my skin consultation, I was brought into the treatment room to get changed. As I eased myself onto the treatment bed, I absolutely loved the ultra-large comforter that was used instead of a regular blanket. My facial officially began as my therapist double cleansed my skin before using an exfoliating face scrub to lift dead skin cells and help refine pores. Next, she performed a gentle extraction to rid my skin of pesky comedones. Here comes the Intraceuticals component: using an applicator that looks like an airbrush pen, 90 to 95 percent pure pressurised oxygen is used to help infuse a customised blend of serums into my skin for an instant glowing and plumping effect. Next, my therapist performs an extensive facial massage using lifting and firming strokes to give it an instant lift for a visibly contoured face.

A slew of SkinCeuticals products were used, including the Retexturizing Activator (a gentle skin-resurfacing serum), the Hydrating B5, a hydrating serum enriched with vitamin B5 for tissue repair) and the latest Resveratrol B E, a night-use antioxidant concentrate that helps accelerate cellular regeneration as you snooze. Packed with Baicalin, vitamin E and a maximised concentration of one percent pure soluble Resveratrol, Resveratrol B E, $248 for 30ml, boosts skin’s internal antioxidant defence system for healthier, more resilient skin. For best results, it is also recommended that you pair it with C E Ferulic (a potent antioxidant serum that forms an antioxidant reservoir within your skin to fend off free radical damage) in the day.

Resveratrol B E, $248 for 30ml. Photo: Courtesy of SkinCeuticals

Resveratrol B E, $248 for 30ml.
Photo: Courtesy of SkinCeuticals


By Joyce Cheo